Monica Bellucci Vogue Czechoslovakia March 2024

Subsequent to its inaugural issue back in 2018, Vogue Czechoslovakia has propelled itself to the forefront of all the major players within the world of print fashion publications. Czech Vogue‘s March 2024 installment goes to Monica Bellucci, who reunites with photographer Paolo Roversi as per the request of Danica Kovarova (who joined the publication as head of editorial content in June 2023). Styled by Milena Zuravljova, the iconic Italian actress wears a look from Pieter Mulier’s Spring 2024 Alaïa collection in the dark and enchanting cover image.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“They literally made her look like Kim Kardashian and not even in a flattering way,” noted Urban Stylin.

“This should’ve been much better. I must say I’m rather disappointed with the result,” aracic shared.

In the same frame of mind was forum member avonlea002: “I love Monica and Roversi but that cover is awful.”

“Roversi? Where?” quizzed DK92, suggesting the cover simply wasn’t up to scratch.

Benn98 commented: “Not what I was expecting at all, such a disappointment.”

“Roversi has one trick, and he usually executes it beautifully, until this. Awful cover,” echoed mepps.

You get the gist now, right? Check out another cover for Vogue Czechoslovakia’s March 2024 issue featuring model Nyakong Chan by Marek Micanek and share your thoughts, here.

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