MOODEAUX Launches New Mood-Boosting Scent

courtesy of Moodeaux

Imagine a world where fragrance isn’t just about smelling good but about feeling empowered. This is the vision behind MOODEAUX, a Black-owned fragrance line founded by Brianna Arps. And now, she’s continuing this mission with her newest mood-boosting fragrance, “Brand New.” Arps describes it as “an olfactory journey to a new season of life.” 

With notes of sparkling yuzu, cardamom, pink pepper, and coconut, Brand New was brought to life, “to help make everyday smell and feel like a bright start,” she tells ESSENCE. “A cheeky nod to the popularized slang term, our third fragrance inspires wearers to ‘wipe the slate clean’ and level up by leaving old habits and attitudes behind.”

And speaking of new chapters, the creation of MOODEAUX in itself was Arps’ opportunity to start fresh. In fact, a career setback– a layoff from her dream job as a beauty editor– became the catalyst for this beautiful new beginning. “It was an opportunity to say ‘yes’ to a career pivot and start over.” 

While unemployed, Arps turned to aromatherapy for comfort. This experience, coupled with her late grandmother Minnie’s love for perfume, sparked the idea for MOODEAUX. “Grandma Minnie instilled in me a love for beauty and self-care rituals,” Arps shares. “She had this immaculate taste in fragrances, and I wanted to create something that would allow others to experience similar feelings of joy and empowerment.”

That said, MOODEAUX isn’t your average fragrance brand. Arps is targeting the “beauty rebel” – someone who is outspoken and uses beauty as a form of self-expression; much like herself. “The fragrance category has been ripe for disruption for a long time,” Arps explains. 

“We’re tired of outdated marketing tactics and fragrances that ignore the needs of Zillennial Black and brown consumers.” Because of this, Arps makes it a point that the MOODEAUX scents “can be important reminders, confidence boosters, and overall game-changers for how we show up in the world,” she says. “We deserve just as much attention, respect, and support as anyone else,” Arps says.

MOODEAUX, of course, has big plans for the future. They’re working on a fourth fragrance, limited-edition merchandise, and more collaborations. And no matter what, Aprs is leaning on those around her to get her through any challenges. “Being an entrepreneur is a lot of work, but creating and building with your community is incredibly rewarding.”

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