Nancy Twine Unveils “Maker’s Mindset” Podcast To Empower The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

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In the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and haircare, Nancy Twine, founder of Briogeo, continues to make waves. This includes her latest endeavors: the “Maker’s Mindset” podcast, a grant opportunity for female entrepreneurs, and the latest product drop: Rice Water Concentrate Shampoo.

Twine’s childhood experience inspired this new shampoo. Like most of us, she experimented with bleach, which damaged her hair. But, thanks to her mother using DIY rice water treatments in her hair, Twine’s tresses were restored over time. During the pandemic, noticing a trend of rice water hair treatments online, Twine decided to bring a more convenient and effective product to market. The newest shampoo contains rice extracts, oils, and proteins to strengthen hair and reduce breakage.

And, aside from continuing to create products that make our lives easier, Twine is clearly the gift that keeps on giving, thanks to the new Dream Maker Founder Grant. “There weren’t initiatives to help you get retail ready, offered mentorship, or grants geared towards Black females in the consumer space,” she shares. The $1 million four-year grant will award female founders of color in the beauty and consumer spaces. She also partnered with Sephora’s Accelerate Program and Aurora James’ Fifteen Percent Pledge to identify promising candidates.

Additionally, in celebration of the brand’s entrepreneurship-focused content site hitting a year mark, Twine wanted to give her audience more of an in-depth look at the stories of other trailblazing women. Thus, the “Maker’s Mindset” podcast was born. The show features interviews with diverse female leaders, like the first one with Allure’s Editor-In-Chief Jessica Cruel

Twine hopes it will inspire listeners to debunk myths that successful people have it all figured out. By sharing stories of resilience and success, Twine’s mission is to empower listeners to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. As Twine says, “the truth is, we all experience setbacks. But it’s the process of overcoming that takes you from a belief to actually becoming.”

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