Naomi Campbell Vogue Greece April 2024

There’s simply no stopping Naomi Campbell. Period. In terms of magazine covers 2024 alone (not even four whole months into the new year), we’ve encountered the supermodel of supermodels on the covers of Vogue Australia, British ELLE, British Vogue and Perfect. Vogue Greece is the latest to drop the Brit modeling icon as their cover star, who lends her stardom to the magazine as it commemorates 5 years of print. Naomi reunites with photographer Nick Knight for the occasion, with the pair serving up a duo of dynamic and collectable covers. In cover one, Naomi (who recently collaborated with Boss on a clothing collection) strikes a pose in a show-stopping monochromatic number from Harris Reed while invites us backstage in cover number two, sporting a creation from Ottolinger.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“No one asked for this. Is the dress meant to resemble a uterus?” asked KoV.

“Bloody hell that Harris Reed concoction photographs abysmally. That sagging dropped lining and being so noticeably (and certainly not intentionally) not symmetrical at all. Jesus, what a sore sight,” Cocteau Stone chimed in.

Caioherrero used the word “terrible” to describe the outcome.

“Someone please tell Naomi Campbell to take a break,” declared Gaultier_Bandit.

Not everyone, however, was quick to disapprove of the covers. “Vogue Greece is coming through with the drama and I’m not mad about it one single bit!” voiced WAVES.

“I do like how bold and impactful the first cover is – certainly fitting for a commemorative anniversary issue,” approved vogue28.

Vogue Greece April 2024 : Naomi Campbell by Nick Knight

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