Nicole Ari Parker’s Balancing Act: How The Celebrity Mom Is Finding Time For Self-Care Amidst Acting Career and Motherhood

To the OG Nicole Ari Parker fans, she’s Teri Joseph, to those newer to her career, she’s Lisa Todd Wexley.

But at home, she’s mom.

And though she’s a renowned actress known for her dynamic performances across film, television, and stage, with a career spanning several decades, the role of mom is still her favorite one. 

But you may be wondering how Nicole Ari Parker holds it together while sneaking in a few moments of self-care, while for many moms, feels like they’re barely getting it all done — and looks so fabulous while doing so. Well, so are we.

“I think any mom will tell you the different phases of their children’s lives, self-care is secondary especially when they’re little,” says Parker. “And my kids are teenagers now, so I have a little more time for makeup.

She continues, “I also think that self-care changes when you become a parent and it’s not always pampering, it’s sometimes just rest, meditation, prayer, those kinds of things you need in your toolbox. And they become a luxury too. So for me, carving out that time to just sit and pray and write and think, that’s pampering, that’s self-care.”

Parker, who describes herself as a “disciplinarian” and “strict mom” recently sent her daughter, Sophie, off to Howard University in Washington D.C. this past fall. Her and husband, Boris Kodjoe, are proud Bison parents, who of course spent some time instilling words of wisdom into their daughter before she embarked on this exciting chapter.

“I really tried to instill getting your work done, making your bed and all of the basics that my mom gave me,” says Parker. “But I really knew as a young woman that I wanted her to have self-care in her life and to carve out that time in the morning before class and get yourself together, get the kind of shower you want, the lotion you want, make your bed, feel good about yourself, begin the day loving yourself. And so hopefully she’s doing that. I mean, I know she’s staying up late craving for an exam every now and then, but she’s not ashy.”

Parker has captivated audiences with her versatility, grace, and authenticity. From her breakout role in the film Boogie Nights to her acclaimed portrayal of attorney Teri Joseph in the hit series Soul Food, Parker has consistently demonstrated her talent and range as an actress. 

But Nicole Ari Parker’s entrepreneurial journey is as inspiring as her acting career. Saving Black women’s edges since 2012, she founded The Gymwrap, a groundbreaking gym wrap brand designed to protect women’s hairstyles during workouts. Motivated by her own experiences and the challenges faced by women with textured hair, Parker set out to create a solution that combined style, functionality, and innovation. 

Now, in the same realm of self-care and helping Black women — especially moms — find time for themselves Parker is partnering with Jergens ® Skincare to celebrate the brand’s new Mother’s Day Campaign, Mom-Sense. Though they may make it seem effortless, the art of motherhood deserves year-round celebration, as it entails a full-time commitment every single day.

Through this collaboration, Parker partnered with renowned fashion jeweler, Adina Eden, to create a unique, limited-edition bracelet infused with the cherished essence of Jergens’ Cherry Almond fragrance. This distinctive bracelet will be available as a complimentary token with orders totaling $15 or more from the Original Scent Cherry Almond collection on 

For Parker, it’s a collaboration that just made sense. A long-standing brand in the Black community, she recounts that some of her happiest memories growing up are associated with Jergens.

And now, like Parker, other Black women will be able to carve out their own moments of self-care. Parker’s journey reminds us that self-care is not a luxury, but a vital necessity for maintaining balance and fulfillment in our lives. 

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