Niecy Nash-Betts Partners With Menopause Digital Destination, Versalie, To Educate Women About Hormonal Wellness

Niecy Nash-Betts

Award-winning actress Niecy Nash-Betts has no issues keeping it real and speaking about what’s on her heart, which now includes the benefits of understanding the ins and outs of menopause. Given she’s menopausal herself, she has a lot to say about the topic, which is refreshing because so many Black women find themselves silenced in and outside of the doctor’s office or simply confused about what’s happening to them.

Also, for many Black women, perimenopause, and menopause are taboo topics that aren’t openly discussed, either because of shame or embarrassment or genuinely not knowing their symptoms and often being dismissed by their healthcare providers. According to recent studies, Black women tend to start menopause an average of 8.5 months earlier than white women, even though the usual menopausal transition happens between the ages of 45 and 55. However, a digital platform called Versalie is aiming to change that stigma. As a brand, Versalie works closely with diverse voices, including menopause experts, influencers, experienced healthcare professionals, and everyday people, to ensure they connect with, represent, and support all people experiencing menopause. Knowing menopause is not a one-size-fits-all experience, Versalie was created to provide virtual care services, expert-reviewed content, and a curated storefront of products all in one place. The menopause resource was built in collaboration with experienced healthcare professionals, menopause experts, and everyday women experiencing different phases of menopause – all helping to inform the personalized offerings available at

The Versalie platform aims to help women confidently speak about their menopause experience to get needed support. A recent survey revealed that 62% of those with menopause have not discussed getting their Last Period with their doctor, and 70% of women experiencing menopause have not discussed reaching menopause with their significant other. When asked why she wanted to become the ambassador’s platform, Nash-Betts said to ESSENCE, “There are so many things people don’t know. I thought menopause was just hot flashes, and I learned that from my mom and my aunties. But I wasn’t aware of so many other things that came with it.” 

She continued, “I was excited to use a digital platform to get information, talk to menopause experts, and even leverage a curated storefront of products to help menopausal symptoms. There’s also expert content, a one-stop-shop.” 

“It took exploring for me to have a menopause ‘a-ha’ moment, all these years later: so many of the symptoms I experienced back then – such as fatigue, mood shifts, and thinning hair– were all connected to menopause,” says Nash-Betts. “I’m so grateful to finally have a better understanding of what was happening to my body and only wish I had a resource like Versalie™ when I was going through it all.”

She also believes the platform will help women, especially Black women, normalize talking about menopause. Like she recently did when out with her fellow Hollywood peers, “We all went out the other night to support Regina King in her Netflix film, and as we’re standing there, myself, Tabitha Brown, and Vivica A. Fox, we all started sweating! We ended up in this conversation about perimenopause and menopause, which was new for me because it’s just not a conversation that I ever remember being a part of that was so open and honest,” she reflected.

Nash-Betts noted that the brief but important mention of menopause at that moment was refreshing for her because she hadn’t received that level of vulnerability, not being able to recall conversations about menopause with her family members. “We never had conversations about it. Oftentimes, you always talk about the first period. I remember when I got my first period, but we don’t usually talk about the last one,” she stated. 

Versalie has helped her find confidence when speaking about menopause because of all the helpful resources, trained experts willing to help, and products that can help soothe menopausal symptoms. “There’s not a large percentage of doctors trained in specifically what happens when you’re going through menopause. So, having conversations with experts is helpful. Also, being able to go a few tabs over to the storefront and find products that have been carefully curated is a gift,” Nash-Betts shared. 

She believes this platform is especially important for Black women to tap into and familiarize themselves with because we are traditionally overwhelmed and busy – it’s one less thing on our plate. “I think it is important because it’s one-stop shopping. It’s not like you have to go to this place for one thing, another place for another thing, and then another place for another thing. If you want to have a virtual appointment with a clinician, you do it there. If you want to talk to experts, you do it there. If you want to find your community, you do it there. If you want to buy products and read, the research has already been done; it’s available for you to do. We already have enough on our plate,” Nash-Betts states. 

Additionally, Nash-Betts has been prioritizing her self-care and leaning into this new season in her life, as menopause traditionally marks a new chapter for women. She believes this period in her journey comes with much more wisdom and self-acceptance. “I have a lot more wisdom, a lot more seasoning. I know what I know. And I am more confident and more settled in my being, which comes with age, going through things, and coming out on the other side, not with just the experience, but the wisdom you gained along the way,” she exclaimed.

As she stated in her riveting Emmy speech, she’ll continue to be her cheerleader, even through menopause. “It’s necessary to learn to be your cheerleader because if you are living in the applause of other people, you might die on the vine. Waiting on somebody else to see your good works. So when you know that you have done your best and pushed through no matter what, you know that the odds were stacked against you, and you still came out on top. Hey, that’s your ‘I want to thank me moment,’” Nash-Betts shared.

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