Normani Says Ciara Set Her Up With NFL Beau DK Metcalf

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Many of us have been pranked by our friends before and singer Ciara is one of the most recent victims. Her good girlfriend, singer Normani, collaborated with Elle to pull a prank call on the “Goodies” singer, along with a few other people in the singer’s circle. Her task was to pretend she’d been cast on the next Bachelorette and ask if Ciara had any advice for her.

“I got an offer to be the next Bachelorette,” the “Motivation” singer told Ciara, to which she blurted out, “What the heck?”

Ciara continued, “No, wait a minute. Tell me what’s going on. Why are you considering this?” 

Normani replied, “I mean, it just feels like the right moment, you know,” and that’s when CiCi offered her big sis advice on the matter.

“I wouldn’t do it,” Ciara told her friend, giving her candid opinion. “Certain things could happen, like a kissing moment,” she added.

While Ciara reassured Normani that she’d “set those boundaries” with “no tongue,” Ciara piled on more advice.

“Mmhm, once you do that, that’s like the kiss of death. That’s- if it matters to you,” she said, in reference to Normani’s current relationship with baller DK Metcalf.

Moments later, Normani spilled the beans and told the mom and performer that it was a prank she was playing with Elle.

“Oh my God! What the hell,” Ciara laughed after hearing it was a prank, telling her friend that she woke her infant daughter up because Mrs. Wilson freaked out at the fake news.

“You gotta know me better than that. I’m not about to go on no Bachelorette!” Normani replied.

As mentioned, she is currently dating NFL player DK Metcalf, and they made their debut as a couple last summer via Instagram. Apparently, CiCi played Cupid and hooked the couple up. Metcalf used to play with Ciara’s husband, May/June 2024 cover star Russell Wilson.

“She’s the one that did set me and my man up,” Normani said before calling her.

Metcalf wasn’t exempt from the prank. She called the wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks and teased him with lyrics from her song “Wild.”

“I’m ready to pull up on you/ I’m ready to do what I do.”

The lyrics left him a little confused and then excited, and he FaceTimed his boo immediately.

“Kordei, what you talking about?” he asked, using her middle name. “Come on, say it to me again” he said before she told him it was all a prank. His response?

“Why we gotta stop?”

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