Our Fashion Team’s Favorite Shoe Styles For April Showers

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It’s finally spring, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, but sometimes those April showers come on the weekends. Rainy days don’t have to be all gray if you style yourself for the wet weather. Our fashion team has an array of go-to shoes we like to wear when we check the weather app and find out that a torrential downpour is on the horizon for the day. 

While rain may not be everyone’s favorite natural element, it can still be a fun way to challenge yourself in matters of personal style. You don’t have to wear a safe outfit–instead this provides a moment for you to switch things up. With our tips on how to style shoes from classic rain boots to beloved Crocs, you’ll be ready to brave the weather in style. Think classic rain boots with a cool pair of cargo-style wide-leg pants like the look below or a pair of Crocs that look like they were just on the runway with a pair of jeans with detailed slits. The options are plentiful when you’re not limiting yourself just because of the weather.

Keep scrolling to learn more about our fashion team’s favorite rainy-day shoes and how to style them.

Classic Rain Boots

Try These 5 Editor-Approved Shoe Styles For April Showers
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Now, this may be a no-brainer for some but, not many people wear rain boots during a stormy shower. We love wearing a colorful pair of shades of red, green, orange, or pink. You can make this look a playful one and tap into your inner child with a pair of jorts and a rain jacket or pants made with windbreaker material paired with a graphic hoodie or T-shirt. You could also try to juxtapose the rain boots with a long skirt and off-the-shoulder top with your umbrella in hand.

Cowboy Boots

Try These 5 Editor-Approved Shoe Styles For April Showers
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It seems like cowboy boots won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter has made sure of this. Cowboy boots can now be an integral part of your everyday wardrobe, especially during the springtime April showers. Try a pair in black if you’re not a big fan of the silhouette just yet and wear them with a flowy, long patterned dress. Or wear them with a pair of jeans with a light coat layered over your top.

Leather Sneakers

Try These 5 Editor-Approved Shoe Styles For April Showers
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A pair of leather sneakers can’t do you wrong in the rainy weather, just make sure you have a slip-resistant sole. A plain white or black pair to start with is a safe option or go the more colorful route with a pair of Adidas Sambas or Gazelles in a suede or smooth leather finish. You can style them in a plethora of ways like with a pair of trousers and a long sleeve, or with a suit on a busier day. You could also try wearing a pair with a denim skirt and a button-down and a light coat if the winds are stronger.


Try These 5 Editor-Approved Shoe Styles For April Showers
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We love Crocs. You can add Jibbitz to them to customize your pair, this is a fun way to allow your shoes to speak for you and your personal style. Crocs are an easy shoe to slip on and off in the rain and come in various colors and prints. They also can come in platform styles to elevate your look. Take cues from the image above and style them with an easy look consisting of a blazer with jeans or dress it down with a T-shirt.

Platform Boots

Try These 5 Editor-Approved Shoe Styles For April Showers
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A pair of platform boots in the rain feels like a main character move. A black pair could become an essential for your wardrobe. The outfit provides an example of an effortless way to include this footwear option: a light coat and the hem of your pants tucked into the boots. Or perhaps you’re in the mood for a blouse worn with a wide-leg bottom with your coat layered on top? Either look would come across as equally stylish.

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