R.E.M. Beauty Hypernova Blush & Bronzer Review

I picked out shades that I thought would best compliment my complexion, and I was pretty happy with my choices, as well as finding myself pleased by how similar the shades were in real life when compared to their online product photos. However, I couldn’t really tell the difference between the bronzer’s Out Of Office and Solar Storm shades in person when in their tins. But when I swiped them onto the hollows of my cheeks, nose, and jawline, Solar Storm was ever so lightly darker and warmer, and wound up being my best match.

When it came to the blush, I tried many pink and orange shades, and found that Peach Planet looked most natural on me, complemented my hair color, and didn’t make me look more red than I already am. While I liked the Skinny Dipped shade (not pictured), it kind of disappeared into my skin tone, so it wasn’t the best match for me.

But let me confirm right here, right now: The Hypernova satin matte formula and finish is extremely pigmented. Pictured here are single layers of bronzer and blush after being vigorously buffed and blended out. And when I did build up the blushes, my cheeks became even more vibrant without the formula getting cakey and somehow still feeling lightweight.

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