‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Star, Candiace Dillard Bassett Is Pregnant!


Candiace Dillard Bassett is on track to be a mother! After recently announcing her exit from ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac,‘ the starlet exclusively shared her new beginning with ET and with the cutest promotion video on social media. Bassett, 37, is excitedly expecting her first child with husband Chris Bassett, 46. “I am about 13 weeks … so just about into the second trimester. It’s been weird, but also really wonderful, I think, to keep it kind of to ourselves to this point,” Candiace shared with the outlet. “Our immediate family knows, my mom — I told my mom on her birthday in February — my dad knows, [Chris’] parents know, my siblings know and that is my core, best friend group, but outside of that it’s just been, like, kind of quietly just growing a bun.”

We remember Bassett being remarkably candid with her motherhood journey on the hit Bravo series, as she showed intimate counseling sessions with fertility specialists for in vitro fertilization (IVF). The couple’s baby came from one of the embryos they froze two years ago. She revealed to the outlet the moment she was ready for a child. “I think we were both kind of content to have them just sit there until my ‘cut-off date,’” Bassett stated. Also, she noted that her husband wanted to be pregnant by the time he turned 50.

“But then I got the itch,” she says, referencing the under-five-year mark on their timeline. “I always wondered, like, how would I know when I was ready? And I always felt like a part of my anxiety was that I wasn’t sure that I would know, and when I knew, it was undeniable.”

“I kind of woke up and realized that I was never going to be 100 percent ready,” she continued. “I just had to … trust the process and trust my doctors and stop being afraid and just do it. So once we decided together that we were going to do that — together — it just was kind of all moving by faith from there.”

While they are excited about the arrival of their newborn, the couple does not yet know whether they’re having a boy or a girl, as they have one male embryo and one female embryo. 

However, they do plan to find out the sex of the child before Candiace gives birth, though. 

“It’s so cool that you literally have no idea what you’re getting,” Candiace said, “What their personality is, although at our last sonogram, signs are pointing to them being more like Chris than me.” 

Their child will join her husband’s three kids from previous relationships in the fall. According to the loving couple, there’s more room for additional kids in the future. “We do have another embryo in the freezer,” Candiace said to ET. “I’m just kind of taking it day by day. Thankfully, I feel really blessed so far to be just about in my second trimester, and I haven’t really been super sick. I haven’t had, like, super crazy pregnancy symptoms, so that’s helpful in thinking about doing it again. But also, it’s like, could we just find a wonderful surrogate for the second one? That is on the table, that’s an option that some women have the luxury of entertaining. So, we’ll see. Let me pop one out and see.”

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