Sara Sampaio Harper’s Bazaar Arabia April 2024

Long gone are the days in which Vogue is the only major player within the world of fashion magazines. A whole multitude of editions of Harper’s Bazaar from across the world have rose to the occasion to challenge Vogue within the past few years – including the British, French and Italian editions (to name just a select few).

Also rising to the occasion is Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, who continues to have our undivided attention. After all, following on from last month’s rather flawless affair featuring the modeling icon that is Iman, can you blame us? Editor Olivia Phillips bestows upon us another show-stopping series of covers with the unveiling of Bazaar Arabia’s April 2024 installment, complete with Sara Sampaio as cover girl. The Portuguese model-turned-actress poses before the lens of Daniella Midenge for the occasion, serving mod wife realness. Stylist Rafael Linres teams up with Midenge to profile Sampaio, who across two dazzling covers dials up the glamour showcasing pieces from mega brands Dolce & Gabbana, Carolina Herrera, Piers Atkinson and Cartier.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“It’s giving mob wife, it’s giving drama and I’m here for it,” heralded WAVES.

“I’m massively here for it too,” replied vogue28. “Must admit that I prefer Sara Sampaio as a brunette but the coloring/lighting here is gorgeous that it’s making me warm the Sampaio as a blonde. Two terrific covers, love the styling from Rafael Linares and the very strong sense of pure unapologetic glamour!”

Ihhbl liked what they saw too, raving: “Beautiful covers! Sara looks amazing!”

“Glamour circa 2014. Fashion magazines used to deliver these kind of covers ten years ago,” enthused ivano.

Harper's Bazaar Arabia April 2024 : Sara Sampaio by Danielle Midenge

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