Scarlett Johansson Prada Galleria Handbags Ad Campaign 2024

Prada continues to cement their relationship with Scarlett Johansson. Back in 2023, Miuccia Prada welcomed Johansson as the face of the signature Prada Galleria handbag and it’s a repeat performance for 2024. In the campaign shining a spotlight upon one of Prada’s most recognizable of handbags (launched in 2007), Johansson reunites with Oscar-winning director Jonathan Glazer for the first time since 2013’s Under The Skin. In “an exploration of the depth of the craft of performing”, Glazer captures the world-renowned American actress dashing from a building and into a yellow cab, shot on location within New York City. Throughout the cinematic spot, Scarlett totes a large studded leather variation of the Prada Galleria, composed of over 80 separate pieces and assembled entirely by hand.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Haven’t we seen something like this a million times before? It’s also strange to me that Prada is now looking like The Row. Scarlett even looks like one of the Olsen sisters here,” remarked FiLReD.

Vogue28 wasn’t exactly smitten either, commenting: “Ugh, what a truly awful advertising campaign. All of this just reeks of pretentiousness for me, and I’d happily take the likes of Louis Vuitton‘s most recent super-glossy and sharp handbag advertising campaign by Ethan James Green, as opposed to this. What a total waste of Scarlett Johansson!”

Thiago echoed the same sentiments and described the outcome as “pretentious”.

“I don’t mind these cinematic campaigns,” Urban Stylin reasoned. “They look interesting in print especially if there’s a story.”

“Love the video. Scarlett is such a star and her working with Glazer again is a treat. However, the print advert is trying too hard,” voiced KoV.

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