Seasoned Black Models Share Their Journeys To Success

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If you remember the show America’s Next Top Model, you might remember Tyra Banks talking about aging out of the modeling industry every now and then. The industry has changed since then with models being offered the chance at longevity. Older models are on the rise and taking their rightful places in the industry. 

Seasoned Black Models Share Their Journeys To Success
Enzie Dominigue

It’s already difficult to succeed as a Black model, so these seasoned models must share their secrets for success. Youth is fleeting, but the advice these women are passing down will last a lifetime. From keeping your image professional to staying authentic to yourself, these models share what meets the criteria for a career in modeling well into your 50s. If you’re aiming to break into the industry, we’ve tapped a few models for their advice on how to accomplish certain goals within the modeling industry. 

New York-based model and 57-year-old Enzie Domingue believes authenticity should be of the utmost importance. Domingue says she found the essence of her beauty later in life and feels that she shares that through modeling. Enzie is all about risk-taking, in her late 50s, her confidence has led her to do so. Staying true to herself and remaining humble has been the best way to stay afloat in such a tumultuous industry. “My advice to any girl or woman who wants to tap into this industry, take the chance, your self-confidence will never be the same. It will empower you in ways you would not have imagined.”

48-year-old Tonya Pittman started modeling as an adult and has been utilizing what she’s learned over the years with her fashion agency Imaj Artists. Her first tip: come as your best self always. The way you present yourself to casting agencies or open castings is imperative to booking jobs. She implores aspiring models to show up to castings on time and respond to your agents quickly. Time is money as they say and in modeling, it’s one of the most important currencies. “In this business, you are judged on your appearance, so dress to impress—whether that’s your cool, funky, thought vibe or your elevated chic look,” said Pittman. Think about the way Alton Mason utilized his personal style to stand out from other models after the same job as him. Now, he’s among the elite supermodels. 

Seasoned Black Models Share Their Journeys To Success
JAG Models

Pittman also speaks on how you present your energy. “Leave the personal drama at the door and bring your positive, professional, fun, and easy-going self to set and castings,” Tonya notes. She also says to never “dig or dish,” meaning think about what you are talking about while on set or at a casting. Negatively speaking about others is never a good look in her book. “There’s room for everybody to win.”

With space opening up for older models in campaigns and runways, it shows that age is just a number concerning goals. Success isn’t linear, but this model’s advice shows that consistency and mindfulness are key factors to acquiring notoriety and stability. From authenticity to presenting yourself professionally, these tips are what will take you far in not just modeling, but any industry.

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