Serena Williams’ New Beauty Brand Is Inspired By Movement

Photo courtesy of WYN BEAUTY.

Serena Williams makes being great look easy. We’ve all seen it: the way she gracefully floats across the tennis court is nothing short of mesmerizing. With an impressive tally of 7 Wimbledons and 6 US Open titles, even her falls are elegant; at times even dropping into the splits to catch herself. Off the court, she’s been a muse to many stars, like Beyoncé, and uses her platform to discuss important topics such as Black maternal health. However, even with such a long list of titles, she’d be remiss to not add beauty icon to her resume, too. It all started with the trendsetting beads she’d rock throughout her career beginnings in the ‘90s. And, fast forward to more recent times: she’s now a licensed nail technician and has been found with rhinestone-adorned ponytails, immaculate winged liner, and other trendy looks.

That said, it’s only right that she’s launching a beauty brand of her own today. With WYN BEAUTY, Williams wants to inspire others to express themselves freely, too. “I have always been a beauty junkie and expressed myself through beauty,” she tells ESSENCE of the brand she’s been working on for the last six years. But, over the years, she’s also grown to understand how the beauty industry has been limiting. “When I was traveling on tour, many countries that I traveled to didn’t necessarily have shades or products that worked for me, so there was a gap,” says Williams, who, like many of us, would mix products to achieve her shade match. “I wanted to bottle all of that up, put it together and simplify it so that others can use it too. It’s been a lifelong dream. I am creating the brand I would have loved to have throughout my life.”

Her dream is made into a reality with 10 products including Featuring You, a hydrating skin tint with SPF 30, Word of Mouth, a matte lipstick, and GlideLine, a waterproof liquid liner. Each product is elegantly packaged in a shade Serena Williams affectionately refers to as “WYN Chartreuse,” reminiscent of a tennis ball. This nod to the sport is intentional, as WYN is an ode to being active. “And being active doesn’t necessarily mean spending 10 hours a day in the gym,” she reminds us. “Active is also hanging out with your kids all day– that is sometimes even more active than a workout! I wanted to create products that move with you as you make moves, big or small,” be it winning grand slams or simply running errands. 

Below, Williams shares all the WYN BEAUTY details, her thoughts on the beauty industry, what’s next for her, and more.

Serena Williams’ New Beauty Brand Is Inspired By Movement
Photo courtesy of WYN BEAUTY.

ESSENCE: What inspired you to launch with these 10 products?

Serena Williams: I wanted a range of products that would allow you to achieve a full face, that is easy to apply, if that’s what you want. It all started with Skin Tint; wanting a product that feels lightweight with sun protection and zero white cast. I knew I wanted all the products to be something that works with your skin. We built out from there. Everyone needs a great matte lip and, of course, a go-to mascara. And there are also products that I always wore on the court: a liquid eyeliner and a great brow product. I had to have these at launch. We also wanted to push ourselves to be innovative. We have an amazing multitasking product called MVP– it is a lip and cheek color that you actually want to wear on both.

Tell us more about the name and fun packaging.

It started with the color, one that has meant so much to me for so long. Is it green? Is it yellow? We are calling it WYN Chartreuse. The name came naturally from there. I like to win! Winning looks different each day. It is so personal. Being with my kids, volunteering at Olympia’s school, for example, are forms of winning for me today. It brings me so much joy.

The packaging and the organic shapes are also inspired by my love of art and design. I can’t wait for people to hold the package in their hands. The details, the shapes, textures, and function, are all very intentional.

Do you have a favorite product from your line?

So hard to choose! I love our Skin Tint, our concealer, MVP, mascara and liquid liner; that’s my 2 minute beauty routine. Today, I’d have to say my favorite is the concealer because I don’t leave home without it. The texture is light and creamy, but it works and performs well throughout the day. Our trademarked moisturizing technology is part of the formula. Yes, trademarked!

What makes WYN stand out?

We have worked hard to formulate products for your active life. The formulas and packaging are meant to move with you. We have hydrating, great ingredients and formulas that can take you through every aspect of your busy day and still work. Also, we formulate with Black and brown consumers at the heart of our approach to product development, shades, and undertones.

Describe your relationship to beauty over the years.

As an athlete, I had to wear products that would look good through intense movement, as sometimes tennis matches last for three hours. I needed products that would really last, which was difficult. I would mix foundations with SPF, which inspired our new Featuring You Skin Enhancing Tint SPF 30. I would also have tricks like putting waterproof liner on my lashes and brows.

I had to learn how to do my own makeup as I traveled the world and couldn’t find shades that worked for me. We didn’t have 30+ shades back then and I was often in countries that didn’t have a wide range of products for people who looked like me. I would mix products myself.

Serena Williams’ New Beauty Brand Is Inspired By Movement
Photo courtesy of WYN BEAUTY.

What’s your earliest beauty memory?

My earliest memory with beauty is seeing my mom wear red lipstick (she still wears it). I wanted to wear it too! I have always loved expressing myself through beauty, playing with makeup and with different looks; enhancing the beauty I already have. I have expressed it over the years in an evolving way: starting with protecting my skin from the sun with my DIY sunscreen and foundation formula, waterproof eyeliner, doing my own nails before matches (I’m a licensed nail tech!), nailing my 5-min locker room routine, red carpet looks, and playing with bold color.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the beauty industry?

There is no one way to be beautiful and I love that makeup is fun.

The industry has changed so much in recent years. Black-owned and Black-founded brands make up a very small percentage (less than 2.5%) of the market, yet we are very active consumers, so there is still a long way to go. There is still space for people to continue to change it and deliver products to people that are truly made for them.

With Black Maternal Health Week around the corner, and always, it’s important to note how you’ve been vocal about this topic. What motivates you to be so open with your fans?

I’ve been outspoken about issues that women face throughout my career and personal journey with motherhood. With my sport, it was important to push for women to be treated fairly and be able to play with passion in the same way that men can. Off the court, I experienced challenges while giving birth and had to push to be heard. It is so important to me that people like me are seen and heard on their respective “courts.”

How are you practicing self-care these days with a busy schedule?

Self-care is something I haven’t always prioritized. I’ve had a busy life and career. I’m getting better! For me, intentionally making time for the people and things I love is part of self-care, as is setting boundaries with my schedule. Our family also grows our own herbs, fruits, vegetables, and so many other things on our farm here in Florida. Things like this, volunteering at Olympia’s school, doing my beauty routine before I run out or hop on Zoom calls, are all part of it.

What’s next for you that you’re excited about?

We are just beginning and are excited to share this brand with the world, hear what our community loves and wants to see more of. We’re excited to share women’s stories through this brand. We’re also launching new products that we’re excited about (and will continue to), so watch this space.

WYN BEAUTY is now available on and at ULTA on 4/7.

Serena Williams’ New Beauty Brand Is Inspired By Movement
Photo courtesy of WYN BEAUTY.

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