Sierra Rena On Her Roots In Fashion Industry And Partnering With Adidas

Living in New York, it seems as if anyone crossing down the street or heading to the bodega is effortlessly dressed in an individualistic style. Especially if you’re a FIT student like Sierra Rena, the city pushes its new and current residents to break the boundaries of fashion. The 22-year-old moved to NYC to attend the coveted college  from Silver Spring, Maryland, an area unknown to street style. 

“[In my opinion] Maryland is not  a fashion hubI feel like it’s a lot more like athleisure,” Rena tells ESSENCE. She goes on to explain that her hometown is synonymous with laid back style. There individuals are often seen in skinny jeans and hoodies. This is what makes her personal style stick.   “[With my choices I’m able to take myself out of [my]comfort zone and do something a bit different from what everyone else is doing.”

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Since landing in the mecca of fashion, Rena has emerged as a rising face to know on TikTok. She often posts  gifted items  from brands like Acne Studios, Marc Jacobs, and Loewe, to name a few. This speaks to how luxury fashion brands have embraced her which is notable in the industry which is notoriously know for its gate keeping. Her resume is also quite impressive—  she has styled key moments for celebrities like Tyla and BKTHERULAand campaigns for labels including Givenchy, J.Crew, and Coach.

 Moving to New York City  has challenged Rena to unlock her signature sense of style. On and off social media, you can catch her layered in various fabrics and fits from oversized to snug, monochromatic to pattern, and minimalistic pieces, at times she’s even delved into eccentric pieces

 Her secret ingredient? Experimentation and removing over-thinking thoughts. Both notions guide her alongside her inner compass which allows her to fully express herself through her fashion choices. In a recent TikTok clip, she sports a Martin Rose top in desperate need of an iron, but does she? She decides to step out without ironing or steaming—it made for a notable look when paired with double cuffed jeans and an animal print jacket.

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“When I’m in my closet, I usually start with one piece and build [my outfit from there]. . I also begin with color and see how [different garments] match, but I will [also] throw on anything and see if it works.”Her willingness to experiment is what makes her satirical decisions stick out too. She tells me that the time she has in the morning is notably what she allows to guide her too. The influencer and content creator notes that when she has minutes to decide what to put on the wildest and most stylish ideas are sometimes a result. “When I give myself too much time, I think about it too much.”

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Her go-with-the-flow methods have landed her on the radar  of Adidas. The latest brand was added to Rena’s roster to assist in styling its 2024 Coachella Creator’s Group. Rena   fused Adidas’ vintage pieces with the standard festival style.  All eyes in the Adidas showroom watched Rena strategically shred jeans on the spot and overstretch two Adidas crop tops to create a Western-inspired look fit for the desert. For finishing accessories, she addedjeweled accessories  to classic Sambas and multicolor lace ribbons for a dainty touch, differentiating each creator as she goes. 

“Working with Adidas has been amazing. They treat me like family,” Rena says about the collaboration. “It’s full circle how I’m able to go from doing a bunch of brand deals and campaigns for them, and now that they recognize me as a stylist, that’s such a different creative, fulfilling feeling that I have.”With styling, it’s an internal feeling when I’m giving people confidence to put on a really cool outfit and they feel so good about themselves,” she adds. 

Ahead, Rena reveals her earliest moments with fashion, her favorite Adidas products, the key to styling, and more.

How The Emerging Stylist Sierra Rena Brings A Fresh Perspective To Streetwear

ESSENCE: What three Adidas pieces are a must-have, and how would you style them?

Rena: I love a really good vintage Adidas wrestling boot. I have one pair of them, and even though they’re so messed up, I love them to death. I love wearing them with basketball shorts and dressing them up in athleisure, like sweatpants. My second Adidas piece would be a jersey. They’re so classic, especially when it comes to my style today. My third Adidas piece is [the] Samba, obviously. That’s classic. I love accessorizing it with pins and ribbons. 

ESSENCE: There has been talk that fashion is going into a more individualistic style. Are trends phasing out, or do you think that they’re just everlasting and here to stay?

Rena: It’s fortunate and unfortunate that trends will always be here. I’ve nailed down my personal style, but I have much more to learn. There are some trends that I partake in and some trends that I’m like, ‘Nah, y’all got it.’ Fashion has been recyclable in the last two decades, but in a different way with how each generation takes it. It’s alright, but you should be original.

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ESSENCE: Being so creative with fashion, can you describe a stylish moment from your younger self?

Rena: I remember  when I was younger, my parents always had me in the coolest sneakers. Before I got into fashion, it was all sneakers. I was a huge sneakerhead, but I just got into the clothing part over time.

ESSENCE: In a previous interview, you said the best way to learn the ins and outs of styling is experience. How did you take styling into your own hands before getting booked?

Rena: My friend from back home in Maryland has an independent record label, and I would help style music videos and album covers. I was just really figuring out things that I already had in my closet. I had no idea what a pull was, but when I came here, I assisted in my first shoot. 

I was like, ‘oh wow, this is serious.This is something that I actually have to learn.’ There’s no book on how to be a stylist. The only way you’re going to learn is to appreciate your OGs and who you can also learn from. Don’t get intimidated by their status because you also have to have confidence in your style, your passion, and your talent.

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