The Group Chat Comes To Life In New Podcast Hosted By Tiffany Cross

Today, iHeartPodcasts and Will Packer Media debuted a new podcast, “ACross Generations,” hosted by former MSNBC host and political analyst Tiffany Cross.

“Each episode will feature candid straightforward and heartfelt conversations with three multigenerational Black women – an elder (Boomer), a middle-aged (Gen-X/millennial), and a younger Black woman (Gen Z) – that will explore and celebrate the essence of womanhood in its myriad forms,” states the press release.

“I am thrilled for Tiffany to bring to life engaging conversations that will spark dialogue and open minds. These are essential women centered discussions that all generations will enjoy, and Will Packer Media couldn’t be prouder to partner with Tiffany and iHeartPodcasts,” said Will Packer.

Cross sat down with ESSENCE ahead of the premiere date and described how she was inspired by her own childhood. “Growing up with my grandmother sitting at her kitchen table, where she taught me how to chop peppers, dice onions, and what the consistency of mac and cheese should look like before you put it in the oven. But, during that time, we had so many conversations about life, love, joy, grief, and sadness and it really helped to shape my worldview.”

“When I look at the landscape today of Black women, I personally miss having that oracle figure in my life,” Cross shared. “Because I believe Black women are oracles, and I just miss having that nourishment, somebody that cultivates, who is a safe space. So I wanted to create that for myself, but also create that space for us collectively.”

“I hope people watch with their mothers, their daughters, their sisters, and have their own conversations because that discussion is meant to continue,” continued Cross. “And I want people to feel like you are right here on this couch with us. I hope that it breaks down barriers and encourages other people to be just as vulnerable in the way that we communicate. Because if we can’t do that with each other, then where else can we do that?”

The joy in Cross’ voice was palpable, as she said “think about everything that you talk about when you’re at brunch with your girlfriend or when you’re in your group chat. All of these things and topics we delve into deeply [on the podcast]. In the safety of this space, we can let our guard down.”

“‘ACross Generations’ is distributed by iHeartPodcasts and Will Packer Media.” It is available via “the iHeartRadio app and everywhere podcasts are heard.” Episodes of the podcast are are also available to watch on YouTube.

Cross wanted to note that “people can both listen to the podcast and watch on YouTube because I think it gives a different perspective when you see the visuals as well.”

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