The Story Behind ByGoldiie’s Eloquent Resin Flower Earrings And Their Intentional Origins


In the Netherlands, there is an emerging vanguard of collaborative Black artisans in the design space, and it is no accident. With its rich institutional art landscape of universities, museums, and residencies, talent from across the diaspora has oft returned to the once-mighty site of transatlantic export. Today, young Afro-Dutch and Dutch-Caribbean expats are finding each other, and creating as much art together as ever. Goldiie, the multidisciplinary artist behind handcrafted accessories and unique objects brand ByGoldiie, is one such patron of this new wave.

Her work is just as much evidence of the unique creative eye drawing inspiration from various sources in her Curaçaoan upbringing but also celebrates the potential of intentional craftsmanship when in dialogue with its surroundings. When Goldiie creates a new piece, she engages the multiplicity of her cultural heritage and applies it to her narrative as an artist. She is constantly in dialogue with her Caribbean roots as her concept of diaspora evolves over her years spent in The Netherlands. It is as much about her interior life as it is about the way she sees the world around her.

When asked about the Black creative scene in the Netherlands, Goldiie is proud, first and foremost. She sees herself not as one brand-creator, but as one in a community trying to teach the world about the fabric of our collective origins. “In the Netherlands Black heritage is increasingly making its mark on the country’s art scene. There’s a growing conversation surrounding its representation, with young curators bringing fresh perspectives to the forefront,” she says.

The Dutch-Caribbean Accessories Designer Cultivating Black Beauty On Her Own Terms

The emphasis on space-making allows more and more young artists of color to see themselves within the larger art world. Major Dutch museums like OSCAM and Buro Stedelijk are now actively engaging with Black heritage in their exhibitions and programs. The materiality of Black art, historically unsung in these institutions, is the first component of a larger goal to amplify more diverse voices in the contemporary age. Less than five percent of the total Dutch population is of African or Caribbean descent, but the reach of the Netherlands’ language and cultural influence can be traced globally due to its colonial legacy. It is apt, then, for cultural institutions, the very bastions of cultural materiality, to rectify the historic exclusion of Black peoples from notions of craft and beauty. 

It is the interrogations of beauty that inspired Goldiie’s work in the first place. Growing up, questioning the implicit value placed on certain hair types, skin tones, and body types allowed connections to nature as a grounding neutral. The flower, in particular, became a motif for her deeper questions, and she soon decided to make its infinite variations a source of inspiration in her work. “For me as a designer flowers raise the main discussion question of what is beauty,” she said. “Flowers stand for something beautiful, in such a way that I found it interesting to use them in my art form.” The jewelry designer also shares that by reconstructing flowers and creating earrings she is showing her viewpoint on contemporary beauty. Goldiie constructs one-of-a-kind earrings and other jewelry in the shape of various flower types. She uses different types across collections, and each botanical variation represents the women in her family who construct her idea of what is beautiful.

The Dutch-Caribbean Accessories Designer Cultivating Black Beauty On Her Own Terms

ByGoldiie was born during a period when Goldiie was experimenting with photography and other art forms. It was 2017, and jewelry-making emerged as an experimental outlet and an activity she found to be inspirational. “I’ve always liked to work with my hands,” she says. “When I was younger, I would find little ways to make things and give them away.” This natural draw towards craft was something she embraced as a young adult once she discovered more and more avenues to independently create objects and showcase her artistry. The symbiotic relationship between making jewelry pieces, and the many other artistic practices including photography, curation, and partnership-building allows the brand to thrive. ByGoldiie operates as a heritage brand with its footing in original craftsmanship, proving also that sculpture can happen in many spaces, not just through formal training. 

Each ByGoldiie piece is constructed of a flower molded in clear resin, creating the illusion when worn that the petals are floating beneath the ear. After bonding during our call over our shared love for the materials’ usage in jewelry, Goldiie shared that deciding on the form was very much an accident fueled by good-natured impatience and enthusiasm. “I’m a person who hates to read instructions,” she says with a laugh. “I [thought] I [could] build it by myself. So I started mixing the resin, and it came out wrong. Then it came out wrong again. The same thing happened with the wire. By this point, it was during the COVID period and I could try over and over.”

Coinciding the personal with the professional, there are multiple inspirations at play, and the work has only become more dimensional as Goldiie has become a business owner. Some of her best ideas come from merging worlds. “Besides working with music artists, I also see myself teaming up with artists in the art world. Artists like Kevin Osepa, Eugenie Boon, Selwyn de Wind, and myself, humbly speaking as a Caribbean artist, all play a part in contributing to a broader artistic narrative.”

In the coming months, Goldie will be a part of a group exhibition at Mama Rotterdam before working as a jewelry stylist for Maria Do Carmo in Portugal Fashion Week. By collaborating with other European artists, Goldiie plans to introduce more of her interior life alongside her heritage. The pieces, though informed by an expansive contextual world, are about herself as well. “I create from an Afro-Caribbean artist’s perspective but my work also reflects my own experiences as a self-taught young woman living in the Netherlands, facing everyday challenges.” She is a natural connector and carries multiple internal verticals into have not quite seen something like her or her brand before at high fashion art platforms. Amidst a more bling-averse trend cycle informed by minimalist, “soft girl” approaches to jewelry and adornment, ByGoldiie’s sculptural craftsmanship stands out in the accessories market as it reflects the vibrant pathways between cultures.

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