These Are Our Top Street Style Photographer Tips For Fashion Bloggers

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Fashion blogging has been the backbone of finding personal style, trends analysis, and outfit inspiration. The blog era from the ‘10s has returned aggressively through Substack and Instagram pages dedicated to documenting classic or eccentric ensembles. One thing that hasn’t left the scene is a classic outfit photo. The famous ‘fit pic we see regularly on Instagram stems from the OG blogger days with Tumblr and BlogSpot. Years ago, people interested in fashion started their digital platforms and online threads to showcase their outfits and teach others about their fashion tips.

Whether you’re interested in specializing in poignant photos of other style lovers, becoming an influencer or just taking a stellar photo of your outfit, we have some tips to elevate your style photos. One of our go-to street style photographers Seleen Saleh shared some pointers from her point of view behind the camera. 

From posing to mood boarding, keep scrolling to learn more about how to capture your best style photos for a fashion blog or an Instagram account. 


Seleen likes to use mood boards when she’s working on editorials. You can do the same for your style photos. Pinterest is a go-to for our fashion team as it’s filled with tons of editorial inspiration for outfits and different set designs or locations. “Use your surroundings to compliment your look whether it is industrial, urban or natural. Don’t be afraid to mix in some of your surroundings with your photos,” Saleh shared. Sometimes it can be as simple as taking photos in your backyard if your mood board calls for a nature-like setting. TikTok is another source to look for moodboarding for location and photo angles. Some videos will give you the exact pointers you need for any type of camera you want to use.

Lights, Camera, Action!

“The most important thing is lighting,” Saleh tells Excellent artificial lighting or daylight works best for most style photos. If you want to use a studio, try natural lighting first with all the widows showing sunlight. Or if you’re outside, try sunlight a few hours before the sun sets so the light isn’t too harsh in your photos. Taking a photo in direct sunlight might result in looking washed out. A good option for photos outdoors would be on a cloudier day. That way there will be fewer shadows in your images if that’s important to you. Utilize ring lights for up-close photos if you’re getting more detailed shots indoors.

And Pose! 

This tip can be applied with our first moodboarding tip: add poses to your mood boards. In case you’re not aware, Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok have strong content for posing inspiration. Seleen shared that putting more weight on one foot when standing for posts is a go-to for her. “It would be interesting to use different poses such as a great profile to add creativity.” Try moving more rather than standing completely still for candid and natural shots. Saleh also suggests standing on an angle to add dimension to your photo. A side profile shot to add creativity to a look is also a suggestion Saleh has her subjects try. Most importantly, she says, “Have fun with it!”

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