This Black Woman-Founded Company Is Using AI-Driven Realistic Simulations To Enhance Inclusive Leadership Training

Businesswoman with headphones smiling during video conference. Multiracial male and female professionals are attending online meeting. They are discussing business strategy.

Efforts toward achieving workplace inclusivity has been under attack as DEI continues to undergo corporate divestment. But one innovative Black-woman led company is making strides in helping employers create more culturally competent work environments.

Praxis Labs, a platform that aims to give tools to workplaces for higher-performing teams, recently announced the launch of new GenAI-driven program that uses realistic simulations to drive inclusivity practices. According to the company, the simulations include handling polarizing topics in the workplace, navigating divisive conversations, leading performance management, and managing cross-team and cross-cultural conflict.

“In a year marked by polarizing discussions and unprecedented uncertainty, mastering inclusive leadership skills has become imperative for leaders and organizations to thrive,” said Elise Smith, Co-founder and CEO of Praxis Labs in a news release shared with ESSENCE. “The new experiences and skills within Pivotal Practice will help enable the leaders of today and tomorrow to tap into personalized and deeply impactful training that will push the boundaries on both inclusivity and business outcomes.”

As previously reported by ESSENCE, the company raised raised a $15.5 million Series A round in 2021 to help clients better train employees on and measure diversity and inclusion (D&I) through research-backed VR experiences. Led by Norwest Venture Partners and Emerson Collective, the diverse group of investors also included Penny Jar Capital (pinned by Steph Curry), Concrete Rose Capital, SoftBank’s SB Opportunity Fund, Ulu Ventures, Precursor Ventures and Firework Ventures.

“As we navigate complex conversations and diverse perspectives, harnessing the power of AI-driven immersive learning holds the key to bridging critical skill gaps in areas like inclusion, management, and communication,” said Heather Shen, Co-founder and CPO of Praxis Labs. “By leveraging Praxis Labs’ technology to deepen humanity in the workplace, we can unlock the unlimited potential for collaboration, innovation, and, ultimately, organizational success.”

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