Top Handbag Trends 2024 For Women

Not all handbags require hands, at least not always. The trusty tote, for example, spends most of its time on shoulders, and the crowd-pleasing crossbody does exactly what its name suggests. The best way to go hands-free in 2024, especially for an elegant occasion, will be with a sizeable clutch that isn’t necessarily for clutching. Tuck it under your elbow so your fingers are free to hold onto a champagne coupe, a phone, or the hand of a friend instead. Envelope and pouch styles were seen at Brunello Cucinelli, Tory Burch, and Chloé, while Altuzarra and Jil Sander went for more structured takes on the trend. Consider a convertible option so your clutch can be easily transformed into a different look with the simple addition of straps. 

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