Traveling To Las Vegas For The 2024 Super Bowl? Here Are The Very Black Things To Do And See


Whether you’ve made plans to travel for the upcoming Super Bowl or simply want to support Black-owned businesses during Black History Month, Las Vegas, believe it or not, has some great options to peruse and explore. Their Black-owned businesses mostly support the surrounding community, as most are non-profits and are seen as educational landmarks. Although the Super Bowl may be the main reason you’re journeying out to Las Vegas, consider venturing out of the stadium to these fabulous Black-owned businesses. 



This known breakfast and lunch spot created by local chef Natalie Young quickly became a town favorite among locals and visitors. From breakfast burritos to shrimp and grits and cinnamon biscuits highlight the diversity of the eatery. Chef Young says she loves Las Vegas because it always supports an underdog, but she’s winning in every aspect with entrepreneurship and quality food.

Simply Pure

Chef Stacey Dougan is mostly known in Las Vegas for offering premium vegan eats under her Simply Pure brand. Her thoughtful, delicious, plant-based food, available at her food truck and through catering, nourishes the body, mind, and soul. If you’re in town for the big game, consider trying a healthy and vegan treat. So, if you’re in town and seeking a healthy, vegan fix, consider Simply Pure. Chef Dougan has several celebrity customers like former President Bill Clinton and Vegas resident entertainer (and upcoming Las Vegas Super Bowl headliner) Usher stopping by, cosigning the food. Try the crab cake and vegan ramen bowls. 

Braud’s Funnel Cake Cafe

Two miles down the Vegas Strip is Town Square, where you’ll find Denette Braud’s delicious treats. Braud’s funnel cakes are elevated and garnished with scoops of ice cream and toppings. Take a visit if you have a sweet tooth. 

The Arts

LaMarre Theater

If you need even more entertainment besides the game, head down to LaMarre Theater, co-owned by Eurika Pratts. This theater is a fabulous addition to the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District and doubles as the first Black-owned theater in the destination. 

Left of Center Art Gallery

Left of Center Art Gallery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the vision of Director Vicki Richardson. It is located in North Las Vegas yet serves the entire Southern Nevada community. With Vicki Richardson at the helm, they provide artwork showcasing a diversity of styles and media; LOC is administered and supported by artists and educators who are committed to advancing the arts and providing a setting for cultural exchange. LOC offers a wide spectrum of art experiences and events that reflect the diversity of the local community while also providing opportunities for artists from all over the country to share their work. Their goal is to make art more accessible to the surrounding neighborhoods by taking art to sites where it can enhance, educate, and bring a sense of local pride.

Neon Cactus Vintage

On the hunt for a bespoke blouse or dress? Head downtown to visit Neon Cactus Vintage. They sell items that are ethically sourced and body-positive. The boutique offers colorful vintage attire, jewelry, and more. 


Classic Jewel

Located in Downtown Las Vegas, Classic Jewel is an opulently designed cocktail lounge inside the Juhl condo tower. The lounge is designed to “mirror the 1950s drinking culture,” which includes ornate plush seating and artisanal libations. Their cocktail menu includes meticulously crafted mixed drinks, including Monte Carlo made with rye whiskey, benedictine, and angostura; 20th Century mixed with gin, Creme de Cacao, and more.

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