Venus In Taurus Is Here — It’s Time To Get Decadent

The month of May is full of astrological events that can have an impact on our relationships. On May 1, Venus will square Pluto, which could trigger feelings of jealousy towards others. However, this can also be an opportunity to deepen our relationships with friends, family, and partners if we decide to change the dynamics. Venus will harmonize with Saturn on May 13, allowing us to make commitments to those we care about and projects that matter to us. On May 18, Venus will unite with Uranus, which may create a desire for us to evolve our relationships. This could be a time where we want to make breakthroughs, end relationships, or transform them in some way. On May 23, Venus and Jupiter will connect, making it an ideal day for romance and partnerships. Additionally, it’s a great time to invest in the stock market. Later in the same day, Venus will also harmonize with Neptune, adding a touch of sensuality, fantasy, and romance to the mix.

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