Venus Williams Celebrated With Her Own Barbie Doll In Mattel’s Latest Campaign

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Legendary tennis player Venus Williams has been immortalized as a Barbie doll as  Barbie continues to celebrate its 65th anniversary. The special edition role model dolls are part of Mattel’s initiative to encourage girls to stay active in sports.

 Williams’ doll mirrors her iconic style with a white tennis dress, visor, racket, and signature gold hoop earrings. According to a company press release, the famous brand will honor nine women athletes from around the world who have made significant impacts in their respective sports.

Williams, upon receiving the honor, expressed her deep pride and gratitude. She shared, “Throughout my career, I’ve always strived to break barriers and stay true to myself. Barbie’s mission resonates deeply with me.” She further added, “I’m humbled to be recognized as a sports role model and to be part of Team Barbie. Together, we can inspire the next generation of young girls to chase their dreams relentlessly.” This was shared in a press release by Mattel.

Joining Williams in this prestigious recognition are several other trailblazing athletes. These include soccer star Mary Fowler from Australia, Olympic champion boxer Estelle Mossley from France, gymnast Alexa Moreno from Mexico, Olympic gymnast Rebeca Andrade from Brazil, para triathlon athlete Susana Rodriguez from Spain, and swimmer Federica Pellegrini from Italy. 

 “Barbie is thrilled to continue the brand’s 65th-anniversary celebration by recognizing the impact of sports in fostering self-confidence, ambition, and empowerment among the next generation,” said Mattel’s Senior Vice President of Barbie, Krista Berger.

“The sports one-of-a-kind role model dolls serve as an embodiment of our shared values of passion, empowerment, and individuality. By shining a light on these inspirational athletes and their stories, we hope to champion the belief that every young girl deserves the opportunity to pursue her passions and turn her dreams into reality,” she added.

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