We Tried Fenty Hair—Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

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Rihanna may never give us that album we all keep bugging her about. But, one thing she will do is give us a new beauty product to buzz about— or in this case, a whole new category. 

Say hello to Fenty Hair, people: The Bajan bad gal’s latest edition to the ever-growing Fenty Beauty empire. And before you roll your eyes at yet another celebrity hair care brand—fix your face! ‘Cause if we’re really being for real, how could Rihanna not give us these products? Miss mamas has done it all. From bright red dye jobs and warm blondes, to pixie cuts, braids, and doobie wraps—you name it, she’s tried it. And yet, those edges are no shaky warriors. They are sturdy and fully intact. So yeah, she has my attention. 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

Much like everything else she’s ever put out into the world, Fenty Hair is truly for all. Every length, density, texture, and hair type was kept in mind when developing the formula. I knew this was true the moment I walked into the secret preview two weeks ago. Editors of all races were in the chairs getting their hair done to their liking, which, believe me, is rare—even in the year of our lord 2024. I have a few personal horror stories I could share to prove it. Every single person I saw there left looking and feeling fantastic, and that is what hair care is truly all about. 

Now let’s get into the products themselves. Everything in the nine-piece collection, aside from the Edge Tool, contain Fenty Hair’s Replenicore-5. This signature proprietary complex offers a blend of amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants that focus on repairing, strengthening, hydrating, smoothing, and protecting the hair from the inside out. Ingredients like Barbados gooseberry, upcycled jackfruit extract, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and green tea extract instantly get to work by penetrating the hair shaft to improve the look of split ends and strengthen strands, thus preventing future breakage. 

To learn everything you need to know about this exciting new line, read on below for product breakdowns and the ESSENCE beauty team’s reviews of the products.

The Rich One Moisture Repair Shampoo, $29 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

The one-and-only shampoo included in the collection offers a rich and deliciously-scented lather that won’t leave hair feeling stripped and struggling. Instead, the lightweight formula thoroughly cleanses the hair. It’s left feeling moisturized, but not weighed down, which is what makes it perfect for all hair types. 

The Rich One Moisture Repair Conditioner, $29

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

The girlies with fine to medium hair will love this conditioner as it melts right in and gives great slip. It rinses out cleanly and won’t leave behind any type of filmy residue— just weightless hydration. 

The Richer One Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner, $29 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

For anyone with medium to thick hair, or if your hair is try or color-treated, this is the conditioner you’ll want to reach for. The super luxe and extra rich formula penetrates the hair shaft instantly, so you won’t have to wait for 15 to 30 minutes to feel a difference… and a little goes a long way. 

The Comeback Kid Instant Damage Repair Treatment, $36

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

This leave-in or rinse out goodie combines Replenicore-5 with Fenty Hair’s bond-building technology to improve hair damage by up to 75% (according to an eight-week clinical study). It’s perfect for all hair types and textures, but if your hair is in need of a little extra TLC, then this will be that girl for your strands. 

The Protective Type 5-in-1 Heat Protectant Styler, $28

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

For anyone who does regular blow-outs, there’s nothing worse than putting in all that work just for your hair to feel heavy and clammy once you’re done. And I hate to say it, but it’s usually your own fault because you used too many damn products! Thankfully, this one-step multi-beneficial cream keeps your strands protected up to 450 degrees while also smoothing, defrizzing, detangling, and hydrating the hair. It even helps to repair split ends and reduce breakage. 

The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream, $28

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

This one’s for the curly girls. Use this one on damp hair and rake it through your strands to ensure it’s distributed evenly. Scrunch and finger coil as you’d like to get your desired shape. You’ll be left with soft, touchable, and bouncy curls. 

The Gelly Type Strong Hold Gel, $26

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

When you want that slicked-back look, reach for this gel. It uses Replenicore-5 to help keep hair healthy as you enjoy the occasional tight style. To use, simply apply evenly to wet or damp hair, then brush, slick, and smooth to get your desired look. 

The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel, $18 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

If you like your edges laid, but also want them to still exist, this may be one of the best edge controls you’ll come across. The formula works to thicken fragile strands all while reducing breakage. 

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

Whether you want to brush your edges down, comb them into shape, or use the chrome tip to create swoops, this three-in-one tool can do it all. Use it with The Gelly Type Strong Hold Gel, or The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel. 

ESSENCE’s honest reviews of Fenty Hair

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Fenty Hair

“When it was time for me to try the products for myself, I sat down with none other than Yusef—Rihanna’s current go-to stylist—who I forewarned about my fried ends. He looked at me like, ‘Girl, please!’ and got me over to the sink. He started off by giving me a good cleanse using The Rich One Moisture Repair Shampoo, which left my hair feeling noticeably soft, then followed up with The Richer One Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner. Once I left the sink, he applied The Protective Type 5-in-1 Heat Protectant Styler and got to work on my blow-out. He finished up with The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel to smooth out my edges. My hair was left feeling bouncy, weightless, shiny, and just really good. The experience left me wanting to use the rest of the line. This is definitely a collection I would add to my weekly wash day routine.” —Kayla Greaves, contributing ESSENCE Beauty Editor

“I was extremely impressed with the Fenty Hair products. Not because I doubted Rihanna for a second, but because, in general, it can be tricky for me to find products that do it all. I was lucky enough to try the products a few weeks before the launch. Ursula Stephen– who gave Rihanna her iconic big chop back in the “Umbrella” era– did my hair. While getting my hair washed, I couldn’t help but obsess over the delicious scent that emitted from the Rich One Shampoo. But, for me, the holy grails of the entire experience were the styling products. After rinsing out the conditioner, Ursula went in with The Protective Type to protect my hair against the heat from the diffuser. After that, she used The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream, which is my new go-to! My hair felt super soft, looked incredibly defined– almost as though she had used a gel, but without the sticky consistency.” —Akili King, ESSENCE Senior Beauty Editor

“When Rihanna’s team tested the products on my hair, I first noticed the yummy, woody aromatics. The Rich One Shampoo has a rich lather just after a small drop, which gives you more for your money. Meanwhile, the Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner melted deep into the kinks of my thick, textured hair, which is an ideal foundation for the protective hairstyles I wear. After the legendary Yusef braided my hair (think: Rihanna’s i-D cover), the Hair-Thickening Edge Control kept a good hold on my edges, strengthening them without drying them out. It is difficult to find a haircare product effective for every texture, but with how industry-leading Fenty Beauty is, Fenty Hair is a natural next step.” —India Espy-Jones, contributing ESSENCE Beauty Editor 

Fenty Hair will be available on June 13 at fentyhair.com.

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