What The Moms In Your Life Actually Want For Mother’s Day

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There’s a lot of hype around Mother’s Day. It’s the day we celebrate the taxing—and often imperfect—labor of the mothers we love. Many of us are overburdened and under-resourced and welcome the acknowledgment as the expectations of mothering get progressively more demanding. But after the cards, flowers, and dinner reservations, we’re alone with our struggles again. Only this time, we’re cleaning up wilted flowers, card envelopes, and dreams of more support.

“While it’s wonderful to celebrate mothers on Mother’s Day, it’s important to acknowledge the discrepancy between the recognition and support they receive on that day and the ongoing support they need throughout the rest of the year,” says LaToya Hamm Wilson, maternal mental health therapist and the creator of Motherhood Redefined noting the vital role mothers play in society. Thankfully, with a little effort, we can use Mother’s Day to share the weight of mothering and bring an impact without an expiration date. How? By getting better gifts.

Hamm Wilson says loved ones should consider the mother’s lifestyle, interests, and needs when selecting a quality Mother’s Day gift. “Gifts that align with her daily routine, hobbies, or improve her well-being are often more practical,” she says. “Additionally, gifts that offer long-term use or enjoyment, such as quality household items, experiences, or subscriptions, can provide year-round benefit.”

Curious about what practical gifts can support mamas on Mother’s Day and beyond? Read on for a few suggestions. 

Gifts That Help Manage the Home

Managing the home is a full-time job, and countless mamas work a “day job” before coming home to a second shift. Even with a partner, we consistently carry more than our share. We hold the mental load of everything from healthy dinner plans and cleaning tasks to when the kids need new clothes and shoes. You can interrupt the cycle and free up space for us to get other things done by showing up.

Consider paying for one or more bookings with a laundry service, house cleaning appointment, grocery delivery service, or meal prep subscription. (A gas or food gift card is good, too.) You don’t have to pay for the help. We also welcome you to show up and help with cleaning, meals, or anything else from the long list of things we do.

Gifts That Support Her Dreams

It’s hard to balance your aspirations and your children’s present and future. It’s no surprise mothers consistently report having their career dreams and ambitions rattled by the demands of mothering. The mamas in your life can always use support and encouragement to get back on track or find a new dream. 

Check in with her and ask what’s on her five or 10-year plan. For some, this will be career-oriented and prepaying for certifications, courses, workshops, or career coaching. For others, there might be a dream to travel and see the world or attend a specific conference. You plan your support based on your budget—anything from covering the cost of a passport to getting connected with a group of loved ones to get them a new computer or creative subscription can help.

Gifts That Demonstrate the Village

Raising humans is hard work, and supporting them is a daily commitment. Above all, the mothers in your life need to feel the “village” is alive and well. Our children need their family—both biological and chosen—to be there to fill in the gaps and mold them when we don’t have it. We know you can’t be there every day. 

But small things like volunteering to come over and spend time with the children, taking them on an educational adventure, or taking them back-to-school shopping have more value than you know. These moments don’t just allow us to breathe; they show the children that others love them and that a team of people wants to see them thrive.

Gifts That Support Her Wellness

Gifts that support a mom’s wellness, healing, and self-care are much bigger than manicures and pedicures. For many moms, these self-maintenance tasks are a reminder that they are a whole person when so much of who they are is dedicated to everyone around them. Many studies have found the impact of beauty rituals on self-esteem and well-being (and the mental health consequences of neglecting your needs). But supporting their well-being is bigger than beauty, it’s a chance to prioritize their needs in long-term, meaningful ways.

Gift certificates to holistic health resources like fitness studios, chiropractic services, massage, and therapy sessions can improve our health. Book her a retreat, self-work books and journals, and tea sets with healing properties can also be great. It’s OK if you can’t pay. Grab the littles, and we can get it done on our own.

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