What We Can Learn From 11 Street Style Icons

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Finding fashion inspiration has never been so easy with a plethora of different Black women taking the time to post their looks on Instagram. Each of them has their personal styles and aesthetics that they stick with, ranging from ultra-colorful to muted minimal outfits. There are so many fabulous outfits to recreate from each of their feeds that are perfect for various occasions–running errands, brunch dates, work events, you name it. 

We have analyzed the incredible fashion choices made by street style mavens and are excited to share tips on drawing inspiration from their looks. Whether you wish to put together a simple outfit that looks intentional or create an extravagant outfit for those special nights, we’ve got you covered. Our favorite fashion professionals are a mix of experts within the fashion world, such as Mecca James-Williams and Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, renowned fashion and celebrity stylists.

Additionally, we have Karen Blanchard, Jenee Taylor, Monroe Steele, Natasha, and Nuni Yusuf, social media influencers who have built their personal brands on the internet over the last few years. Other women we love to follow, such as fashion business owner Telsha Anderson-Boone and Black in Corporate founder Candace Marie, show that office-core looks don’t have to be boring.

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Monroe Steele 

Summer is approaching quickly. The faster you get those vacation looks together, the better. This outfit that Monroe put together for a dinner night was elite. She leaned into a more sensual look, not just with the black color of her dress but the plunging neckline and the knitted cutout toward the bottom. You could recreate this look with a similar light-knit dress in any color you’d like. Her peep-toe black heels paired with her dress seamlessly, but a pointed-toe heel or strappy sandal would also work well if you want to try a different silhouette. Accessorize with a simple pair of gold hoop earrings and give yourself the perfect summer night look.

Natasha And Nuni Yusuf

These stylish siblings never leave the house looking drab. Even when running errands, we imagine them put together and looking like their simple outfits below with a pop of red. You can never go wrong with a pair of trousers or a maxi denim skirt, and neither seems to be going out of style. If you’re more of a minimalist, copying these looks can be a good opportunity to slowly introduce color into your wardrobe. With those bottoms as your base, a tight mock neck top or cropped top layered under a light blazer or a long coat with structured shoulders are your best options. For that pop of color, rely on accessories like the Yusufs have done below with a small handbag or shoes. 

Candace Marie

An event look doesn’t always have to be extravagant to be fashionable. Candace Marie’s look below shows that simplicity is always a positive route. Recreating an outfit like this is easy but can be worn repeatedly in other ways to feel new. An easy, long black dress made from a light fabric is a useful essential to have in your closet for an event. You can dress it up with accessories like a metallic bag and chain link jewelry or keep it simple with all-black accessories.

Pam Harris

Style influencer Pam Harris loves a pop of color. For those who love maximalism but aren’t sure where to start, we highly suggest following Harris. To add color to your wardrobe, try a monochrome outfit of just one vibrant hue, like Harris’s green outfit below. Stick with a dress to make building the rest of your look easier. Since it’s getting warm, a light knit or ribbed dress is the best option. If the weather permits, layer a light coat in a similar shade over it. You can keep accessories light or add tons of jewelry for dramatic effect.  

Fisayo Longe

We’re channeling Kai Collective designer Fisayo Longe’s style all spring and summer. She mastered styling the long denim skirt. If you haven’t gotten a denim skirt yet, it’s helpful to have it in your closet. Rather than a simple pair of jeans, a denim skirt adds a bit of oomph to your look. Longe styled hers with a button-down wrapped at her waist and tucked in, but you can wear yours however you feel most comfortable. Add a white tank top under your button-down and wear it unbuttoned with gold jewelry and a pair of sunnies for a warm spring day. 

Karen Blanchard

Influencer Karen Blanchard’s transitional outfit below had us swooning over her light leather trench coat. Now we’re searching for one and would benefit from it. Her chic and simple outfit stuck with us since she posted it. Her loose-fitting jeans paired with sneakers made her look stylish and casual, while her tight black top and handbag added an elegant element. Each piece in this look is essential and would benefit all of us in our wardrobes. You can style each in various ways as the weather continues to teeter between cool and warm. Start with a comfy pair of jeans, then add an easy top. Add any sneakers you like, and throw on your black leather or plain trench coat. Accessorize with a hand or shoulder bag, and you’re ready for a day out. 

Jeneé Taylor 

We’ve enjoyed all of the influencer Jeneé Taylor’s fashion week street style looks and everything she posts on Instagram. Taylor’s style is ultra chic with elevated silhouettes like cinched blazers and wide-legged pants. One look we haven’t gotten off our mind is her denim-on-denim outfit below. She opted to stand out with the seams showing the front of her jeans and her jacket being worn open. She also wore a denim set with a light wash with a print on it rather than the classic deep blue hue. You can try this if you’d like, or just go with a denim-on-denim moment that feels more true to you. 

Mecca James-Williams

Stylist Mecca James-Williams is constantly inspiring our vacation looks. With summer just around the corner, we’re loading up on our pieces at the same time we’re booking flights. Her look below is fitting for the beach or a resort. If you’re comfortable showing some skin, pair a netted tank top over your bikini top with a sporty midi or tennis skirt. Add a bucket hat matching your skirt for color coordination and a pair of platform sandals for comfort and style. Complete your look with an easy handbag to hold your beach or pool essentials. 

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Tracksuits are back and better than ever. Prominent fashion stylist Gabriella Karefa-Johnson’s look in a track jacket and pants convinced us. You can find a tracksuit that works for you from any brand and mix and match it like the stylist did below. Once you have your track set, you can dress it up with jewelry and heels like Karefa-Johnson or dress it down and keep it casual with a pair of sneakers. Add a mini shoulder bag and a pair of sunglasses to accessorize. 

Telsha Anderson-Boone

Fashion business owner Telsha Anderson-Boone makes a strong case for an oversized button-down and trouser shorts. The beloved jorts trend made its way into officecore with the option of a pair of shorts for pants. This is the time to try it if your office space permits. All you need is an oversized button-down, which can be whatever color or pattern you’d like, from crisp white to blue stripes. Your trousers would work well in gray or black for a cohesive wardrobe, or you can do the denim route with a pair of jorts. Add a pair of mule heels for a more dressy, glam look or a pair of wedges for comfort.  

Indya Brown 

Writer and self-proclaimed “professional fashion girl” Indya Brown has a grasp on chic street style. Her look below is precisely what we’re looking for in style inspiration. Depending on if the weather is still cool on some days, a trench coat in a classic tan is a staple spring piece. Brown styled hers over a white button-down and white skirt that peeked underneath her jacket. Her use of knee-high boots made this look stand out, which seems to be a completely different aesthetic from her clothing. Try a pair of tie-up knee-high boots in a similar shade with your trench coat, and layer a button-down underneath with a long skirt. Add a scarf if it’s windy enough, or just wear your scarf open over your shoulder as an accessory. 

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