Why Black Women Settle & The Case For Waiting For Love

Black women have always had to be mindful of how we show up in the world and our desirability is no exception. Society has made us feel like we are hard to love and if these beliefs aren’t addressed collectively and individually mostly by encouraging Black women to express self-love in the ways they see fit, we can find ourselves settling instead of waiting for the love we deserve. For some people, impatience can lead to ignoring red flags in new partners. Shomi Williams, a Psychological Therapist and Founder of Lafiya Health, says that impatience actually makes it harder to date. “When impatient, it’s harder to assess and recognize what we want. We aren’t choosing a partner with our true desires and compatibility in mind but instead, we are choosing a partner in order to soothe our desire to have someone in our lives,” she says.

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