Your Horoscope This Week: March 31 To April 6

We should celebrate ourselves — we’ve made it through the first stretch of eclipse season. This week presents us with a breather as we traverse the portal and make our way to next week’s Solar Eclipse in Aries. While last week’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra definitely shook the foundation of our key relationships, we can tap into Venus, Mars, Saturn, and Neptune in Pisces and focus on being more compassionate with ourselves and others this week. It’s normal for your life to feel like it’s in upheaval, and it’s normal for other people to be acting all sorts of ways. Give yourself and others grace, and remember to breathe.

On top of all this eclipse energy, on April 1, Mercury, the Planet of Communication, begins its retrograde in Aries. This three-week optical illusion — combined with Venus entering Aries on the 5th — will affect the way we communicate with ourselves and those around us. We’ll collectively feel more selfish, impatient, driven, and ambitious, particularly when it comes to tying up loose ends and cutting ties with what we’ve outgrown. Pace yourself during this retrograde, or else you’ll wreck yourself.

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Aries Sun & Rising:

It’s a major week for you, Aries. We’re gearing up for next week’s solar eclipse in your sign, and on April 1, Mercury begins its retrograde in your sign. You’re being asked to investigate your own nature, your own patterns, and your own belief systems during this retrograde. Your patience may run thin during this transit, so give yourself plenty of space to take a breather instead of blowing up on people around you for the slightest thing they do.

On the 5th, Venus enters your sign for the next month, and this will feel like an alluring and adventurous transit for you, especially once the solar eclipse strikes in your sign on the 8th and helps you step up your game in every level of your life. If you’re already boo’d up, Venus in Aries will help ensure you and bae are on the same page regarding building your empire. And if you’re single or mingling, a power couple relationship could be established within six months of this eclipse, so use Venus’ transit in Aries to explore the possibilities and have fun.

Taurus Sun & Rising:

You made it through the first eclipse of the season, Taurus, so take this transitional week to rest and recuperate, especially from April 1 to 4 when Venus, your planetary ruler, is rounding out its stay in the ethereal sign of Pisces. You may start off the month feeling quite nostalgic and sensitive due to Mercury’s retrograde in Aries starting on the 1st. Ease your way into April instead of filling your week with lengthy to-do lists.

Once Venus shifts into Aries on the 5th for the next four weeks, your sector of spirituality and solitude is activated, and this is providing you with a sneak peek of what next week’s Solar Eclipse in Aries has in store. Your fears, desires, strengths, and shadows are magnetized right now, and you’re being asked to look at the pros and cons of your relationship with yourself and with others, without getting defensive about what is revealed. This is the season for you to learn through observation and release.

Gemini Sun & Rising:

Gemini, the week begins with your planetary ruler Mercury beginning its three-week retrograde in Aries, which affects your sector of social networks and tech. You may decide to take a break from social media, or to go through a cleanse where you unfollow the accounts you no longer resonate with. If you’ve been acting two-faced or wishy-washy in your friendships, eclipse season may give you a wake-up call, cautioning you to keep it real if you don’t want to get dragged. Start by being honest with your own self about the shadows that are coming up for you subconsciously.

On the 5th, Venus joins Mercury and enters Aries. This will boost your mood and make you feel more extraverted and adventurous. But keep in mind that we’re also a few days away from the Solar Eclipse in Aries, which means we’ll be experiencing the dark of the moon this weekend. Make sure that you’re not spreading yourself too thin by saying yes to too many social invitations. Find a balance between solitude and socializing.

Cancer Sun & Rising:

Whew, life’s been quite the doozy lately, Cancer, especially after last week’s potent Libra lunar eclipse, which squared off with your sensitive Water sign nature. This week, Mercury Retrograde begins in Aries, activating your career sector and asking you to slow down and evaluate what you’ve been consistently giving your time and energy to at work, and why. You may find that you’re in the mood to let go of everything you’ve known and start fresh, but you’re not yet sure how to do so. There’s no need to have all the answers figured out right now, Cancer. You just have to observe what your intuition has been trying to tell you, and allow those cosmic downloads to come through in divine timing.

Venus shifts into Aries on the 5th, further activating your career sector. It’s quite possible that you’ll feel tempted to blend business with pleasure these next four weeks, especially if there’s some risk or danger involved. You come off as a super sweet teddy bear, but those who really know you know that there’s also a more mysterious and naughty side to you, so Venus’ transit in Aries may lead to you pushing the limits of what’s “acceptable,” all in the name of love (and great sex is a possibility too)!

Leo Sun & Rising:

Leo, this week Mercury begins its retrograde in Aries and highlights your sector of expansion and legacy. It may be time to revisit what your 2024 goals are, especially now that we’ve made our way into the astro new year and we’re a week away from the Solar Eclipse in Aries, which will activate that sector of your life even more. Give yourself permission to pivot and start over, especially you don’t feel fulfilled by some aspect of what you’re giving most of your time, energy, or resources to.

Venus enters Aries on the 5th, and this provides a contrasting effect to the energy of Mercury’s retrograde. Venus in Aries encourages you to be more carefree in your relationships and resist the urge to control the outcome of how things flow. This is a great time for single Leos to meet new people, but they’ll also notice that people from their past will pop back up due to Mercury being retrograde in Aries at this same time. Take your time and be discerning about who has access to you and why.

Virgo Sun & Rising:

Virgo, remember how I encouraged you to set quarterly budget goals for yourself last week? Well this week, Mercury, your ruling planet, begins its retrograde in Aries, and this activates your sector of generational wealth, outside resources, and mergers. Be very cautious when it comes to any financial agreements you make this week, especially since we’re still in the midst of eclipse season. Do not rush into any new partnerships or even engage in negotiations, unless they’ve been in the works for a while. This is a time to reflect, strategize, streamline, and simplify.

On the 5th, Venus enters Aries and activates this same sector of your chart, but this time in a more passionate and fun way. During this four-week transit, you’re being encouraged to take a break from all the overthinking and obsessing you tend to get caught up in and simply let loose and enjoy the wonders of the present moment. I know this may be easier said than done since Mercury will be retrograde at the same time, but Virgos are known for being able to face challenges head-on, so don’t shy away from finding ways to infuse more rest into your life.

Libra Sun & Rising:

You’ve made it through that epic lunar eclipse in your sign, Libra. How are you flowing? Maintaining a sense of flow, balance, and harmony is what’s advised for you this week, as we’re at the midway point between the second of two eclipses — next week the Solar Eclipse in Aries ignites sparks in key relationships and helps you remember the power of standing up for yourself. But before we get there, we’re experiencing the start of Mercury’s retrograde through Aries, also in your partnership sector. You’re being asked to stay chill when people disagree with you, because miscommunication is likely.

Fortunately, Venus’ shift into Aries on the 5th helps balance out the wildness of this eclipse and retrograde season. You’re ruled by Venus, so having Aries placed there will bring out your warrior nature, and your ultra sexy side. This is a great time to go back to an old style that you used to rock and absolutely love. Think back to when you felt most confident — what habits did you commit to, and which relationships did you keep around you? Taking a trip through memory lane this week may lead to serendipitous reconnections.

Scorpio Sun & Rising:

You’ve done so much shadow work lately, Scorpio, especially since last week’s lunar eclipse in Libra struck in your sector of closure, healing, and solitude. This week is an invitation to indulge in self-care activities as the month of April begins. Take a day off work this week if you can, and enjoy some time reading your favorite books, cooking your favorite meals, or pampering yourself at the spa (even a DIY option could work). You’d benefit from quieting all the extra noise in your mind through meditation and deep breathing, so that you can hit the ground running when next week’s Solar Eclipse in Aries strikes.

Venus enters your fellow Mars-ruled sign of Aries on the 5th, further activating your sector of health and well-being. When it comes to dating and romance expectations, this transit is encouraging you to say no to partnerships that aren’t healthy for you, no matter how attractive, sexy, or stimulating other aspects of that connection may be. You can clearly outline what your needs and non-negotiables are, but make sure you’re doing so in a way that leaves room for your potential or current partner(s) to also do the same, or else you may come off as selfish and inconsiderate. But once you’ve named your needs, do not make concessions! Stand your ground and stay aligned with your values. That’s how you’ll attract what’s consistently meant for you.

Sagittarius Sun & Rising:

Sag, the month of April begins with Mercury beginning its retrograde in your fellow Fire sign of Aries for the next three weeks. This activates your sector of fate, true love, and creativity, meaning that you may have to engage in heart to hearts with your current, past, or potential partners and keep it real about what’s working and what’s not working in your love life. You’re also encouraged to look at your own behavioral patterns when it comes to dating and creative life.

Speaking of dating, you’re poised to get much more attention these next four weeks once Venus, the Planet of Love, enters Aries on the 5th. You’ll be in the mood to laugh, cuddle, travel, and discover novelties with someone who loves you for you. If you found yourself restricting your powerful stores of energy simply because it made people feel uncomfortable, you’ll break out of that habit during Venus in Aries, and especially during next week’s Solar Eclipse in Aries. You were born to shine, Sag.

Capricorn Sun & Rising:

Capricorn, this week you’re adjusting to Mercury beginning its retrograde in Aries. This three-week reversal causes astrological tension with your Capricorn nature, and it takes place in your sector of home and the roots, so if you notice an influx of family-related drama in your life right now that may be why.

Instead of flying off the handle, you’d benefit from taking a breather, disconnecting from technology, and rooting yourself in nature. This eclipse passage is encouraging you to be kinder to yourself and put less on your plate. This will help you be more patient with loved ones.

Speaking of love, once Venus shifts into Aries on the 5th you’ll feel a strong urge to vocalize what you need to feel emotionally safe. People often assume that you’re so independent and that you don’t need much from others, but the truth is that you’re a teddy bear who craves consistent cuddles and intimacy. But if you don’t name your needs, how will they ever be met? Use this four-week transit to open up your throat chakra and go after what your heart’s craving.

Aquarius Sun & Rising:

Aquarius, this week you’ll be in major observation and self-reflection mode, as Mercury begins its retrograde in Aries, activating your communication sector. You won’t be in the mood to stand up on your soapbox, but rather take part in calm research and study without getting distracted by outside opinions. This is a good time to create a safe space for you to retreat to — whether it’s a physical haven or a mental one. Clear your mind from worries and focus on cultivating presence with your current reality.

Venus spends its final few days in Pisces, encouraging you to continue the work you’ve been doing of dreaming up a new financial reality for yourself. Then on the 5th Venus shifts into Aries for the next four weeks, which could lead to you connecting with power players who will help you come up with a strategy and game plan for this second quarter of the year. You’re remembering the magic of being clear and intentional about what you want, and this will pay off for you tremendously.

Pisces Sun & Rising:

Pisces friends, you’ve been in your own world lately, especially with Venus and Mars currently in your sign (and the generational planets Saturn and Neptune too). Enjoy the final few days of Venus’ transit through your sign, because on the 5th it enters Aries and activates your sector of money and self-esteem for the next four weeks. You’re being encouraged to boss up on a personal and financial level, and that means overcoming your own limiting beliefs and dreaming of a grander reality for yourself.

The one caveat? Mercury, the Planet of Communication, begins its retrograde in Aries this week, and this also lights up your money and security sector. So you may get the impression that you’re taking one step forward and two steps back. This isn’t the week to launch completely new plans into motion, but to rather backtrack and take a look at some of the financial goals you had for yourself ever since the start of 2020. See which ones are still timely and necessary, and step by step, begin the process of putting them into action.

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