Zaya Wade Looked Absolutely Stunning For Her Prom

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Prom season is upon us again, and Zaya Wade is partaking in the festivities. The 16-year-old model headed to prom recently and looked gorgeous in an all-black Miu Miu ensemble (with the matching glossy bag).

She posted an image on her Instagram page captioned “went to prom.

Zaya is the daughter of retired NBA star Dwyane Wade and ex-wife Siovaughn Funches. The former basketball player and his wife, actress Gabrielle Union-Wade, both reposted the image of their daughter at prom in their Instagram Stories to show her love.

Some fans wanted to know who Zaya went to prom with, but she didn’t share any information on her date or whether she had one. Zaya’s brother Zaire, was one of those people, commenting on her picture, “WITH WHO?!?!” alongside a red-faced “angry” emoji.

Prom aside, the 16-year-old is currently visiting colleges. Back in March, she was seen touring the University of Washington with Union and her baby sister, Kaavia.

Some fans have wondered where Zaya’s mother, Siovaughn, has been and why it appeared that she didn’t partake in the college tours and these special moments. That may have something to do with her past legal battle with Dwyane. Siovaughn argued that Dwyane, who was awarded sole custody of Zaya and Zaire in 2011, violated the custody order by legally attempting to change Zaya’s name from the name she was given at birth and wanted the judge to intervene so she would have to wait until the age of 18. She also accused Dwyane of pushing Zaya’s transition for financial gain, which he vehemently denied. However, Zaya was granted a legal name and sex change by a judge in 2023.

That said, Dwayne has been consistent in stating that he and Union have his daughter’s best interests at heart in everything they do and only wish to support her.

“As your father, my job isn’t to create a version of myself or direct your future. My role is to be a facilitator to your hopes, your wishes, your dreams,” Wade said in a speech when he and Union were honored with the president’s award at the NAACP Image Awards in 2023. “Zaya, you’ve made me a better human just simply by being who you were born to be: our baby girl, Zaya Wade. So baby, thank you for showing the world what courage looks like. I’m proud that I was chosen to stand in place as your father.”

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