Chad Ochocinco Gets Emotional As Daughter Crosses AKA: ‘You Made Your Daddy Proud’

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Chad Ochocinco, 46, is a dad of eight, and one of his daughters, Chade, recently became an AKA. The former NFL star and commentator discussed his experience visiting Prairie View A&M University and watching Chade cross during Nightcap, a podcast he co-hosts with Shannon Sharpe.

“I ain’t never been in no atmosphere like that…being inside that auditorium and watching the energy in that atmosphere, I ain’t never seen nothing like that,” he marveled. “That kind of energy, that kind of passion, that kind of love and support from all the sororities all the fraternities…it felt like a family reunion.”

Ochocinco spoke about how emotional it was for him to see his daughter in this new light.

“The AKAs went last…they came out, it was like…you know how the audience go crazy and everybody stand up and go crazy when Michael Jackson come out on stage…and I seen my baby…ooh sh-t I’m bout to cry,” he said as his eyes became glossy. “When I seen my baby strutting and hitting that stroll…that was one of the greatest feelings.”

During the podcast episode, Ochocinco went on to tell his daughter how proud he is of her.

“…Chade I know you probably watching, yo mama watching. You made your daddy proud. You made yo daddy cry tonight.”

Ochocinco is an involved father and takes pride in that. Fans often see him interacting on social media with his youngest child, Serenity Paula Johnson, whom he had with his fiancée Sharelle Rosado on January 2, 2022. Additionally, he posts sweet moments with his other children, too.

Speaking of kids, Sharpe asked the former NFL player whether he is done having kids to which he responded, “No.” 

“I think what people fail to realize is I was Nick Cannon before Nick Cannon. I was Future before Future. Sometimes, I don’t get upset, but I’m like, why don’t they ever lump me in?” he answered.

“I’m so active with mine. You see me with mine all the time. All of ’em,” Ochocinco added.

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