Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Facial– According To A Licensed Skin Therapist

Photo: Courtesy of Samantha Mims.

Taking the time to schedule a facial for yourself can be a hassle in some ways. Why? Well, to start, there are so many treatments out there to choose from and, oftentimes, you may be confused as to where to begin. How do you know which treatment is best for your skin type? 

Next comes affordability! Price points for facials can range anywhere from $90 to $500. What if that exceeds your budget? Whether it is your very first facial, or a regularly scheduled appointment, it’s important to know the right questions to ask before your treatment. 

Below, you’ll find some questions you should consider asking to ensure the best results and a good experience.  

Questions You Should Ask Before Getting A Facial
Graphic: Courtesy of Samantha Mims.

1. After sharing my skin concerns, does this seem like the best treatment for me? 

This question cuts straight to the point. You may have booked this service because of its enticing description or simply to try something new. But, in reality, it may not be the best choice for your skin. Good facials aren’t cheap. Confirmation from an expert will allow you to feel comfortable in your decision and confident that you’ll receive exactly what your skin needs. 

2. How often should I be receiving facials to guarantee significant change in my skin? 

This answer truly depends on your skin’s health state and how soon you’re expecting to see strong results. Maybe you have a goal in mind and you’re hoping to get your skin together by the beginning of the summer. Whatever that may look like for you, it’s essential to have an idea as to how many times you should be back in the treatment room for your next facial. Typically, I encourage clients to return every 4-6 weeks for a follow up appointment. However, there are alternative options with fewer visits that can still get you to where you want to be. That includes pairing facials with skin tech enhancements, the occasional clinical treatments– such as peels, microneedling or lasers– and certainly having a good routine to follow at home. 

3. With your experience, what would you recommend for my skin type? 

Treatments vary depending on your skin type, skin conditions, and exactly where you are in your skincare journey. Let’s be real, if you’re going to invest this much into your skin, you’re expecting nothing but the best. This applies to professional care, in addition to your own skin care regimen. Asking your esthetician about customizing a plan for the following 3-6 months can determine your results and give you something to look forward to. 

4. What does aftercare look like following today’s treatment? 

After every facial, it’s important to know how to care for your skin to maintain your results for as long as possible. If you just finished receiving your first chemical peel or microneedling of the season, you definitely need to consider the downtime that comes with these types of treatments. Can you wear make-up and how soon? Should you avoid retinol or other active ingredients for a day or three? Less is always more as this is the order you’ll need to follow during aftercare. As it applies to simpler facials, having a selection of quality products in your routine is key. Don’t be afraid to ask your esthetician what type of products they can recommend to you. 

5. What can I expect from today’s treatment? 

Some of us have high expectations and, realistically, that can lead to a lot of disappointment. Save yourself the headache and ask your esthetician to inform you about the benefits of your facial and what to expect from your service. What are some things we’re focusing on in today’s treatment? This question can bring a lot of clarity and certainly prepare you for your journey in and out of the treatment room. 

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