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Step into your favourite spa in style with our high-quality luxurious spa robes. Our Luxe Robes have a dual layer; one is a brushed microfiber outer shell and is smooth and lightweight.

The inner lining is soft cotton blended lining which is absorbent. Our robes are incredibly warm and soft made of breathable fabric. We want to ensure you feel regal more than you can ever imagine. Our prices are pocket-friendly and we have all sizes to fit various body types.

We invite you to wrap up yourself in our comfortable robes. Both men and women can find their perfect robes from Plush Necessities. Choose from size 7 or 8 to get the perfect fit. We have a variety of robes to choose from:

  1. Plush Dream Hooded
  2. Plush signature Robe
  3. The Luxe Robe
  4. Pure Bliss Terry Robe

We inspire our customers with personal products that contribute to personal comfort and relaxation. You can now enjoy that pampering feeling wherever you visit a resort or spa. We design our own spa robes with the best fabric and workmanship at affordable prices.

We have various sizes from size 7 to 8 for adults and size 6 for kids.

How to choose the Right Robe

A bathrobe is a personal product which is both a necessity plus a luxury. They are useful and also bring you that touch of extraordinary comfort. The type of fabric used has a lot to do with how it will make you feel.

Terry cloth and waffle weave are the best types of robes when it comes to comfort and durability. Cotton robes absorb water fast and are a good choice for a bathroom and spa. However, there are various forms of cotton namely low, medium and high grade. Terry cloth is a popular option that is mostly used in spa robes.

High-grade cotton bathrobes are very comfortable and soft on the skin. These are the kind of robes we have at Plush Necessities known for their soft and elegant touch. 

There are also many different styles of bathrobes. A shawl collar closes at the neck, therefore, giving you maximum warmth and cosiness.

The other type is a kimono robe which has a more classic fit with a streamlined flat collar and long sleeves up to the wrist. Hooded robes provide warmth and comfort around the head and neck area.

Pamper yourself

Regardless of the weather, is it chilly mornings or cozy evenings, immerse yourself on one of our impressively soft and fluffy pampering bathrobes. It feels less clingy on the skin and can always be worn again from morning to night.

The style of a robe will depend on your personal preference. However, a robe will be worth buying if it is of the right quality, made of good fabric and durable even in the washing machine. Some people will also prefer a robe with a couple of pockets to hold small items such as the TV remote.

Men’s Waffle Robe

A day at the spa and resort will not be complete without this stylish robe which is a blend of polyester and cotton to keep you totally comfortable and free all day long. Both sides of the front panels have two pockets and an entirely different approach is achieved by the outline color on the cuffs. You can choose from six different color combinations:

  • Charcoal/ heather white
  • Navy/white
  • Black/grey
  • Black/white
  • White/navy
  • Gray/heather

Ensure you carefully machine wash these robes to keep them at their very best. Other spa robes available include those with shawl lapels with a cotton blend fabric. Sizes range from medium to extra large so everyone can find their perfect fit.

Longer robes which are 52” in length are an ideal choice for people who would prefer plenty of coverage. This is especially important during the winter season. These are also available in a variety of cool colours.

This thermal robe is made up of a blend of two types of fabric, cotton, and polyester. This is the perfect balance you need on your skin to help you stay comfortable and dry after being in a wet environment. Machine wash with warm water to maintain the high quality of the fabric and then tumble dry on low.

The plush Robe with Pockets

This plush robe will make you feel like the King himself after a long day. It is a complete package that comes with shawl lapels and tow large pockets where you immerse your hands or just drop in a small item you would want to hold on to while walking around.

This robe is all you need for the total comfort wherever you are relaxing. Be sure to machine wash in warm water to ensure it stays in good working condition for a long time. Some of our clients have had their robes for several years and their good quality fabric is still intact.

The plush robe is a comfortable outfit even for those lazy days when you just want to chill in the house or at the hotel and read your favourite book. It does not shrink in the wash like some other robes.

It features a shawl collar, two front pockets and a hanger loop for convenience purposes. You can hang it appropriately when you want to go for a swim or sauna and still come back and wrap up yourself

The Peruvian Cotton Robe is three-quarter in length which is made from 100% knit Peruvian cotton. The fabric is breathable meaning you can be assured of complete dryness after being wet.

Its material is completely breathable, soft and strong. There are a variety of colors to choose from including black, grey white and ink. Take advantage of the large pockets available to store whatever you need. This is a perfect choice for those who want some moving space do not want a lot of material around their legs.

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