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Summertime is just around the corner and it’s the perfect season to get outdoors and show off your favourite new accessories. For those of us who fit into the millennial generation, we’re ready for a summer spent basking in the little sun we’ll see in the UK, ideally with a drink in hand and our friends around us.

While we’re soaking up that sun, there are some gadgets and accessories that are sure to make it all the better, so take a look at our list of must-have summer accessories every millennial need to improve their experience of the season.

#1 – A Portable Phone Speaker

We’ve chosen the UE BOOM2 by Ultimate Ears which is available in a range of colours and has been chosen as the best bluetooth of 2018 by TechRadar. You can get this speaker at £169.99. Whether you’re enjoying a barbecue with friends in the sunshine or you’re having a few drinks in the garden with your partner, music will always be the perfect accompaniment. There’s nothing worse than ruining the sound quality of your favourite song with a tinny tone. So opt for something a little more impressive than your standard phone speaker.

#2 – A Colourful Phone Case

phone coverWe’ve picked this one from Stringberry which looks like a cross between a watermelon and a Fab ice lolly – what could be more summery than that?! You can pick it up for £24.99 and choose from a whole range of other colourful cases. Your phone case doesn’t just provide your phone with some much-needed protection, it also provides an insight into your personality and what people should know about you. A bright and colourful phone case is the perfect accessory to brighten up your summer, giving you an exciting little fashion statement to hold in your hand all the while keeping your phone safe and sound.

#3 – A Handy Portable Charger

Portable chargerWe’ve picked this portable charger from Zendure which holds a number of full charges to keep you going throughout the summer even when you’re away from other power sources. This one can be bought from Amazon for just £27.99.Whether you’re at a festival or you’re just spending the sunlight hours out of the house, all of this time outdoors can be tough on your phone’s battery, and you don’t want to be left trying to survive on 10% battery during a day out. Of course, us millennials are well known for being glued to our phones, so it seems only right that this list should include a portable charger to keep you going. 

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Summer is the perfect time to update your tech supplies so you can get out and about in the sunshine while enhancing it with the perfect must-have summer accessories, ideal for millennials.

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