‘I Want My Kids To Be Brown’: Candiace Dillard Bassett Has An Interesting ‘Fear Of Having Light-Skinned Children’

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The Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard Bassett had some controversial thoughts to share during a recent interview. While appearing as a guest on the Breakbeat Media podcast Don’t Call Me White Girl with the host of the same name, Owens revealed that she’s afraid of having fair-skinned children as a brown-skinned Black woman.

“I do have a fear of having light-skinned children,” she said during a recent episode.

“I want my kids to be brown. But they’re probably not gonna be brown. And I’m like, becoming okay with it. I want my kids to be brown. But if they’re not, it’s fine,” she said. 

Dillard Bassett has discussed her complexion and colorism in detail over the last year, alleging that she has been vilified by fans on different occasions in a way that her cast members, most being of a much lighter skin tone (with the exception of friend Wendy Osefo and newcomer Nneka Ihim) are not.

She is married to chef Chris Bassett, who happens to be caucasian. She introduced him on RHOP during Season 3 when they were engaged. The singer and reality TV personality said she didn’t think about the fact that her kids may come out with lighter skin when she met her now husband.

“Whatever happens happens,” she concluded. “But I didn’t think about [that] when I was falling in love and like ‘Oh this is my husband. Oh wait I’m gonna have these swirly babies.’”

Bassett also says she thought she would marry a Black man and dated Black men for most of her life. Nevertheless, love came in a different package.

‘I Want My Kids To Be Brown’: Candiace Dillard Bassett Has An Interesting ‘Fear Of Having Light-Skinned Children’
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“It just didn’t happen like that and I was open to the idea of it being someone else,” she said. The reality TV star also said her family was accepting of Chris aside from her dad saying he always “imagined someone that looks like me” would be her husband, but it was more of a comment than an objection.

The Bassetts don’t have any children together yet, but the 37-year-old did mention her husband gave her a timeline. She has been open in the past about not wanting kids right away, but she has recently been on an IVF journey and stated on the latest season that she’s ready for baby Bassett. She also briefly touched on life as a bonus mom during the podcast chat. Her husband has three children from previous relationships.

“I have bonus kids. They’re wonderful,” the singer and TV personality beamed. She added that Chris isn’t in touch with the oldest due to conflict with the child’s mother.

“His two younger kids are amazing. We talk to them, they live out of state [so] we need to go see them and bring them to us,” she said.

“But they’re at that age where they’re, like, little adults and they have opinions and thoughts, and they have goals, like, talking about going to school,” she added.

She married Chris in 2018 at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C.

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