Let Her Juice Bar’s New Sensual Scrub Be Your Date Night Asset

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An intimate cocktail hour with friends stimulated taboo gossip about sexual health, which is how Her Juice Bar was founded. Born out of the bar, the wellness brand reveals a naked truth otherwise left secret: down-there-scares happen to us all. With a plethora of supplements, suppositories, and feminine washes, Her Juice Bar addresses our most private issues. This means everything from irritation and infection to intimacy and ingrown hair. 

“True vaginal health involves recognizing your body’s signals and implementing a proactive, preventive approach to maintain a balanced and healthy life,” Her Juice Bar founder, Abigail Murdock tells ESSENCE. “It’s a pivotal aspect of my overall well-being, influencing fertility, sex drive, stress, and my self-esteem.”

Let Her Juice Bar’s New Sensual Scrub Be Your Date Night Asset

That said, the brand’s latest product, the Date Night Tincture Scrub, is their most seductive product yet. Pulsating with pumpkin extract, shea butter, and sensual cacao seed, the new scrub offers more than just a hushed bikini line. “Our customers love the light, natural scents but expressed a desire for something more,” Murdock says of the scrub that’s “designed to seduce the senses.” She adds that “it not only soothes but also leaves a sensual fragrance lingering on the skin.” 

Additionally Murdock ensured to partner with a dermatologist on this product. “We wanted to create something that was not only indulgent but also beneficial for the skin.” But concocting the irresistible formula was far from the most difficult part. “Crafting the perfect fragrance was our biggest challenge,” she divulges about the year-long experimentation process. “We discovered a sensual aroma that everyone on our team loved… so much so that even our male colleagues were asking to take some samples home.”

Let Her Juice Bar’s New Sensual Scrub Be Your Date Night Asset

Without interrupting your pH balance, the Date Night Tincture scrub pairs well with the moisture-inducing Wet Martini capsules. “[The scrub’s] rich, sensual aroma sets the mood, while Wet Martini works from the inside to ensure you’re feeling as good as you smell in your most intimate moments,” Murdock says. You can pair your date night flora with feminine washes– like the sumptuous aroma of Lychee Bloom or vulva-refreshing Tea Tree Daiquiri– and avoid irritations that other harsh intimate products may bring.

“At Her Juice Bar, we’re committed to evolving alongside the needs and feedback of our community,” she says. Continuing with the mission to make feminine care less taboo, Her Juice Bar allows us to fully bloom. “The future holds more innovative products designed to harmonize with the lives of women everywhere.”

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