ICYMI: Celebrity Beauty Moments From The Weekend

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This weekend’s celebrity beauty moments were a juxtaposition between professional photo-ops and impromptu iPhone shots. On one hand, we saw the most fabulous jet-black wigs blended with celestial makeup looks (eyeshadows must have been a love letter to today’s Solar Eclipse). But, on the flip side, celebs allowed their silly, goofy moods to shine through in makeup-less selfies, too.

To set if all off, Solange surprised us with a photo dump that included clear-coated fingertips pulling at her natural, crimped, and blunt-cut blowout. Grammy Award-winning Tyla went back home to South Africa, meeting her fans in a bumped silk press. Similarly, Keke Palmer rocked her bumped press with a shoutout to hair educator Khy Elijah. Hair was clearly the mainstay of the weekend for others. Flo Milli, for one, rocked a jet-black purple bouffant and Chlöe was found with a fanned updo.

When it came to makeup, JT stood out with half-pink, half-silver eyeshadow and a glazed ‘90s lip. Speaking of lips, Lori Harvey applied lip gloss from makeup artist Courtney Kareem’s brand MADE. On another note, many reached for makeup removal wipes. Model Tina Kunakey could only be bothered by the latte she sipped from, with an Adidas hat cocked to the back, of course. Then, Ryan Destiny only applied mocha-toned lip liner after a cover image of her turning up her makeup-free lips.

In case you missed it, take a look at 14 can’t miss beauty moments from over the weekend.

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