These Four Lip Oils Help Me To Embrace My Full Lips

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I always make sure my lips are hydrated and moisturized before leaving the house. Despite being taunted for their fullness, my big lips are my superpower and I love them. I’m embracing my inner Bratz doll– Sasha being my favorite for her independent nature. She must be a capricorn like me. And, just like Sasha and crew, I enjoy their passion for fashion and believe in standing by my own business.

And much like these inspiring dolls, I like to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day. For years, I relied on Vaseline, but it often left a white residue on my lips as the day progressed. Recently, I discovered the growing popularity of lip oils, which I find very useful and beneficial for my lips, especially since I am always on-the-go and sometimes forget to drink enough water.

That said, I’ve tested over a hundred different lip oils, observing how long they stayed on my lips while I was eating, drinking, speaking, and doing other activities. More recently, I had four lip oils in my tote bag that have become a staple in my beauty collection. 

Below are my top picks that help keep my lips looking great for several hours. Trust me, you’ll end up adding these to your shopping carts right now.

As someone who adores anything with a Lavender fragrance, I was pleasantly surprised by the heavenly scent of this lip oil. Made from vegan ingredients, this lip oil is a powerful combination of mango butter, lavender oil, and vitamin E, giving my lips the ultimate shine.

This lip oil was so good that it made me want to travel to Italy and have an Eat, Pray, Love moment. Additionally, this year, I made it my mission to try out clean beauty products. The Collagen Lip Oil stood out to me because it wasn’t sticky like most lip oils out there. It’s infused with cherry and hibiscus, and collagen, giving my lips an irresistible dewy and sheer finish.

I have a habit of licking my lips. Luckily for me, this particular tastes like rosé. It also provides a moisturizing feeling and a slight tint. I like to layer different lip products to accentuate my pout. This lip oil adds a thin layer which I can top off with another product to give it a glossier finish.

I love watching TikTok videos and often find great beauty products on the platform. Recently, I attended a press preview at Macy’s where they offered free makeup sessions using Dior Beauty products. I decided to get my makeup done for a day of running around in New York City. During the session, they applied this TikTok cult-favorite lip oil on my lips, which left a plump and luminous effect. I was impressed with the product’s staying power as it lasted for a few hours. Overall, this lip oil is definitely worth the hype.

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