Let’s Toast: Jamie Foxx Is Bringing New Flavor To ‘BSB’ Whiskey

BSB Whiskey

Fans of Jamie Foxx know that he’s a man who can do it all and do it all well. He can sing, he can play the piano, he’s an Oscar-winning actor, a hilarious comedian, a father, an entrepreneur, and he can even ride a horse. (That’s the Terrell, Texas in him. The more you know!) Being a Renaissance man, it makes sense then that his latest foray would be into the spirits industry.

The 56-year-old has joined forces with WES Brands to introduce the world to Brown Sugar Blend, or BSB Whiskey, a brand the star bought in 2021 when it previously called Brown Sugar Bourbon. In addition to being owner, he’s also the creative director behind BSB, changing up the taste of the spirit, as well as its look. The star has been a whiskey lover for a long time, so he’s beyond excited about this endeavor.

“I have appreciated whiskey both neat and in cocktails,” Foxx tells ESSENCE when asked about how he likes his liquor. “I love how sippable BSB Whiskey is on its own and how mixable it is in drinks. And I love the flavor.”

The drink is described as having notes of cinnamon and brown sugar, as per the name. But Foxx has his own unique way of defining its flavor.

“Are you a cereal lover? BSB Whiskey tastes like a cereal I grew up on,” he says of its one-of-a-kind, bold taste. “I embarked on a two-year journey with WES Brands to perfect BSB’s liquid and it really is ultra smooth. I love that the cinnamon and brown sugar notes shine through BSB’s 70-proof liquid.”

Foxx had a hand in all development of the spirit, from the new taste to the sleek black packaging it comes in now. The large BSB logo emblazoned on the bottle even glows in the dark. These efforts, along with a reasonable price ($24.99), ensure that it will stand out on shelves.

Let’s Toast: Jamie Foxx Is Bringing New Flavor To ‘BSB’ Whiskey
Courtesy of BSB Whiskey

When asked why this was the right drink to get behind, Foxx says he ultimately found something that fit him and his personal brand.

“Ever since I won the Grammy for ‘Blame It,’ I’ve been looking for the right liquor brand to work with, and nothing has felt right up until now with BSB,” he says. “I’m really excited that after extensive research and bottling that our new liquid and packaging is finally ready to serve up to the world. I believe in our whiskey, and I think BSB is here to shake things up as a new-to-market flavored whiskey.”

He adds, “From our upcoming creative campaign encouraging consumers to ‘shoot their shot’ to our glow-in-the-dark labels on our new bottles, I really think BSB is blazing a new, innovative trail within the spirits industry and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

Being able to toast to the future means a great deal to Foxx after his health crisis in 2023.

“At BSB, we like to say our flavored whiskey is perfect for sipping and ideal for sharing, which I think just echoes the idea that life is precious and that you should make the most of all of life’s opportunities,” he shares. “I wanted to bring BSB to life to encourage consumers to live in the present and enjoy life’s moments. It’s a great spirit and even better with good company, and that’s why I’m so proud to have brought BSB to fruition.”

Speaking of enjoying life’s moments, we asked Foxx if he plans to serve BSB Whiskey at his daughter Corinne’s wedding, who recently announced that she’s engaged to her partner, Joe Hooten. The star stayed mum about all of that but made it clear, “It’s going to be a good time.”

It certainly will be if BSB is at the bar.

Flavored whiskies are increasing in popularity. For those who’d like to try this revamped option, BSB Whiskey, with a new look and flavor, is available nationwide online and in limited quantities at select retailers in the U.S. for $24.99. Learn more at BSBWhiskey.com.

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