Why You Should Be Using Massage Candles

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One of the newest innovations in the candle market is the massage candle. Massage candles are versatile in that they can be used like normal candles as well as for massages and moisturization. Although I wouldn’t skip my regular moisturizing routine, massage candles add a luxurious touch to my body care. The wax that nourishes my skin is the cherry on top!

For best use: light your candle, dim the lights, take in the smells, and relax. Burn until the wax becomes partly liquid then extinguish. Gently pour the oil onto your hands or body and begin your massage. Before your next use, trim the wick ensuring it doesn’t land in the wax. 

One of my personal favorites is the Maude Burn No. 3. It’s a compact soy candle with a twist-off lid, perfect to pack for a stay away from home. The Eucalyptus and Haitian Vetiver ingredients deliver a clean and fresh scent ideal for any vibe.

Then, there’s the Dame Massage Oil Candle- 3 Scents Bundle. Whether you want to wind down, set the mood or make like Natasha Bedingfield and release your inhibitions, Dame has you covered. Their plant-based candles are formulated to activate pleasure. Pair this with any of their personal massagers for optimal arousal.

If ultra fragrant is your thing, try the Radixir Massage Candle. It’s made with a thick apricot wax and infused with the most decadent ingredients. The wax is also lush to the touch. Upon application, you can feel the cupuacu seed butter, avocado and argan oil. For colder winter months I recommend this candle wax as it’s the thickest of the bunch. 

When you want to set the mood for the ultimate sultry evening, reach for Kiki Di Montparnasse Lotus No. 9. Like the sexy lingerie the brand is known for, this massage candle is elegant and slow burning. The oil is light and non-greasy, similar to traditional massage oils and the spout allows for easy pours… even in the darkest of rooms Not only do massage candles elevate your personal care ritual, they also spice up any date night. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and self-care. The next time you want to turn up the heat in your solo, or partnered, relaxation routine, these candles won’t disappoint.

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