Regina King US Harper’s Bazaar April 2024

Ever since Samira Nasr took up the mantle at American Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, we have been somewhat highly-critical of Nasr’s tenure. Over recent months alone, covers with Lana Del Rey, Gisele Bündchen and Solange Knowles have been nothing short of a disaster. However, now that Carlos Nazario is style director of the Hearst-owned title, we’re extremely hoping things are on the up – and they most certainly are with Bazaar‘s April 2024 installment. Nasr taps Regina King as the magazine’s latest cover star, who poses for photographer Luis Alberto Rodriguez. In the undeniably gorgeous cover photograph, the Oscar-winning actress poses down on the beach at sunset and wears an orange satin gown from Polo Ralph Lauren.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Beautiful cover, love the glow of those rich tones against her skin,” Urban Stylin instantly admired.

“The colors are so beautiful,” agreed ivano.

“I love it. This woman has been through so much lately and she dealt it with such a grace! She is everything!” voiced forum member BalkaniStaCouture.

Also liking what they saw was crmsn, declaring: “Samira’s first hit!”

“Okay, Samira’s covers are getting less miserable, she’s on her way,” blueorchid chimed in.

Vogue28 applauded: “This genuinely feels like the best cover of American Harper’s Bazaar I’ve seen, under Samira Nasr’s direction. Credit where credit is due, and I’m stunned over how beautiful this is. The colors are gorgeous, as is the lighting, and the styling from Carlos Nazario.”

“This is gorgeous! Go Regina! The colors are so pleasing, a very rare feat for Samira,” enthused TerraVera.

Are you a fan? Await more from the April 2024 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and share your thoughts, here.

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