The Best Pregnancy Style To Give You Inspiration

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Historically, maternity fashion has often shied away from spotlighting the baby bump. But in recent years, that has since changed. We’ve been looking through some iconic pregnancy looks, and the throughline amongst them all? Ownership of the natural beauty of pregnancy. These women are powerful and talented, and their pregnancy glow effortlessly intertwines with their incredible style. Having your full belly just out and about used to be unheard of, but pregnant bodies are getting the fashion they deserve. Goodbye to super conservative unflattering pregnancy looks, and hello to looks that beam with joy.

As we honor Black Maternal Health Week, let’s take a look at some iconic pregnancy styles we’ve seen in the last few years.


One thing about Ciara’s pregnancy style is that she was always able to move and dance comfortably. If you’re not into maternity pants or jeans, try an oversized pair and just leave it unzipped like you just ate a whole Thanksgiving meal. No, seriously, it’s okay; just let your baby bump be out for the world to see.

Jada Pinkett Smith

We all love 90’s Jada, the shaved platinum blond head, the mischievous smirk, and the halter top slinky dress with a pair of comfy boots was a look that you could totally recreate. In fact, if you’re not wanting to wear shoes with a heel on them, wear a loose dress that is long enough to hit the ground so you look like an ethereal being just gliding everywhere.

Maternity Clothes Are Getting A Revamp—The Best Pregnancy Style Inspirations
Jada Pinkett Smith during The 4th Annual Blockbuster Awards at The Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by SGranitz/WireImage)

Jodie Turner-Smith

A two-piece set on a pregnant person is one of my favorite things to see. Jodie Turner-Smith gives us a full glam with her baby bump, and you can too. If you have a night out or want to have an elevated baby shower, a two-piece set to style is your best bet. Just size up on whatever bottoms you want, and don’t be afraid to let the baby bump breathe a little.


Our literal Mother. Rihanna’s style, in particular, has resurged and reshaped the “maternity” style. Not only can she be sexy, but she can be chic with a pregnant belly. Try her layering techniques of t-shirts and cardigans under fur coats or tiny tops and low-rise jeans as a combo under a coat. Notice in the below photo her tying the straps of her heels around her jeans; she’s one for details, and little things like that can really elevate your pregnancy style too.

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