Trendy and Timeless: Hairstyle Ideas for Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are much more than just taking a sneak of the future wedding. They also make great keepsakes that freeze the love and promise of marriage at that time. Now that couples are in this together, choosing the perfect style of hair to last a lifetime will be the center of-attention. Let’s talk about diverse trends and timeless hairstyles, all the ideas that will keep your engagement photos timeless.

Trendy Hairstyle Ideas

Half Up, Half Down Hair: The versatile ponytail is a mix of elegance and chic style. It frames your face perfectly while at the same time giving wavy long curls space to cascade gently down your shoulders, adding royal yet natural feel to the engagement photos.

Classy Hairline: A clearly defined and carefully styled hairline represents good taste, and therefore would be great for couples who are going for a mature and polished look for their pre-wedding photo session. It has an ageless touch that makes it perfect with any look.

Long, Smooth Curls: Soft and long locks create a cheerful atmosphere and romance, adding graceful notes to the most alluring traits of every bride. This classic style of updo gives a touch of glam and elegance to your engagement pictures, thus creating a bewitching view.

Pinned Curls with Floral Headpiece: Transform your look by tucking in curls pinups and donning a gentle floral head piece. This heartwarming melody gives a fairy tale story dreamy feel to the engagement pictures taking you to a wondrous and romantic world.

Modern Curls with Center Part: Style in a modern and empowering way with rat-tails curls parted in the middle. This brilliant effort exhibits an excellent combination of style, class, and trendiness, and is therefore appropriate for modern lovers.

Timeless Hairstyle Ideas

Sleek Low Bun: A timeless classic, the sleek low bun exudes sophistication and elegance. Its simplicity complements any engagement photo shoot, providing a timeless and refined appearance that never goes out of style.

Soft Waves: Soft waves have got an irresistible spell that justifies its status as an ideal option for engagement photos all times. The ethereal, cloud-like quality of flower petals have a romantic and dreamy feel to them, which incorporate the symbology of love and affection in your photos.

Classic Updo: Chic and sophisticated, the classic updo exudes timeless allure reminiscent of bygone eras. Its intricate design adds an element of elegance and sophistication to your engagement photos, evoking a sense of grace and poise.

Side Swept Curls: Turn to the glamour of 50s Hollywood for a side bun retro hairstyle. The ageless aesthetic fuses antique flair to your engagement photos to produce captivating images your loved ones will treasure for eternity.

Some Hairstyle Ideas for Your Engagement: Finding the Perfect Look

Bouncy Back:



This haircut is about achieving volume and bounce in the back of your head and the front looking sleek yet elegant. The curly bottom is the trick to getting the bouncy bouncing look, so start by curling the lower half of your hair. After that, with your fingers, loosen the hair roots at the crown area to create bounces and volume. Lastly, hair sprayed the top layer of hair down over the teased section to make the look smoother. Finish off the look by tying the curls at the nape of your neck with bobby pins or a decorative hair accessory to amaze everybody.

Layered Front with a Loop Bun:

For a chic and sophisticated hairstyle that has all layers and a bun, try it out by doing the layered front and the loop bun. Divide your hair in the middle and make two pigtails on the opposite sides by making two sections of hair from each side of your head. Lastly you need to gather the top part of your hair on one side and twist it like a roll, and use bobby pins to secure it. Do the same with the other side too. After putting both loop buns in place, discreetly tug on the layers around your face inward to achieve a gently romantic appearance.

The Fishtail Bun:


The fishtail bun is a variation of the Fishtail braid, the only difference is that the fishtail bun is made dimensional and textured hence creating a more modern appearance making it great for engagement as it reflects the fun-loving couple. To get this one, divide your hair into two equal sections first. Next, form a fishtail braid on each side by gathering small ribbons of hair from the outer edges and criss-crossing them to the other side. Go to the nape of the neck to make a braid with the two braids, then tie them up with the elastic band and turn them in a bun. Close the braid with bobby pins and pull the sides of the braid to create a looser fuller look.

Carefree Curls:

For a loose and romantic hair look, go for gently wavy cascades around your shoulders. This look is created by twisting small sections of hair with a curling wand, switching the direction for a more natural appearance. The last step of curling your hair is to run your fingers through all of the curls which will create loose waves. Wind down the last leg of your session by lightly using a spray-on flexible hold hairspray to give your curls staying power.

Significance of Engagement Photos


It takes a few seconds, and now the wedding is over and the couple is officially husband and wife. All that is left is the decoration, the cake that is gone, the photos and the moment of the ceremony, the first dance, the sparklers and the grand exit. So, along with countless other decisions, a couple will have to make one of the toughest decisions when constructing their once in a lifetime celebration plans and that decision is to choose the best engagement photographer.


Summing up, picking a dream hairstyle for engagement photo shooting is a key element of preserving the main moments of your life. It can be a matter of an edgy or classic look, the most important thing is to showcase the couple’s personality and style, yet under a factor that the photos would look timeless in the future. The couples can be rest assured that with the professional skills of wedding photographers and their engagement photos will be memorable for years as it will be a valuable memorabilia of their love story .


1) So how much of an advance do we need to make for our engagement photo timeframe?

Plan your engagement session at least 2-3 months ahead of your wedding date as this period allows enough time for editing and printing after the session.

2) What’s the attire that we pick for our engagement photos?

Vary your choice of clothing pieces and create outfits that compliment each other and suit your personal style. Prefer plain colors and shades of one color or subdued patterns, if you aim at a classic style.

3) How about we could use some props on our engagement photo session?

Absolutely! Props play a significant role in their authenticity because they make them original. Talk with the photographer about your approach prior to shooting to make sure it is on point with your vision.

4) How long does a photo session usually last (an engagement photo session)?

Sessions of engagement typically last 1-2 hours depending on a location and number of the wardrobe changes.

5) Do we have to have our hair and makeup done by a hair salon for engagement photos?

Although it’s not compulsory, professional hair and makeup services can help in improving your pictures and have an extra boost to your confidence when in front of the camera. Think of it as an investment into recording mesmerizing pictures that you’ll want to conveniently revisit in future.

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