Why Every Beauty Enthusiast Needs Spray Tan Certification 

Have you noticed more and more perfectly tanned goddesses are walking around lately? And while some are just blessed with great genes, many women are rocking flawless, bronze skin thanks to the magic of spray tanning. Expertly applied, customized spray tanning has gone mainstream in a big way. What used to be seen as daring or frivolous has become a staple for beauty mavens.

That’s why now is the time for beauty enthusiasts to get certified in spray tanning. As business reports, the global market for spray tanning is estimated to reach USD$2.3 billion by 2030. This means that the demand for sunless tanning continues to rise each year. That also goes to show how in-demand skilled spray tan techs are right now.

So, if you’ve been thinking about a career move into this fun, flexible, and rewarding field, your moment has arrived. Keep reading to explore all the compelling reasons spray tan certification needs to be in your future.

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Getting spray tan certified means learning abilities that every salon wants right now. This faux glow means booked-up spray tan salons are dying to hire talented techs like yourself. In certification courses, you’ll get schooled on all the crucial stuff, such as how to consult with clients, mix custom spray solutions, apply flawless color, and keep that tan looking gorge for days.

Many programs also drop lessons about the business side – pricing services, marketing your skills, and keeping a full appointment book. With this well-rounded training under your belt, you’ll be so set up for success. If you’re ready to get started, the best certification programs are just a click away – you can get started here and learn more about what to expect when enrolling in a spray tan certification program. By passing its courses and getting your spray tan certification, you’ll have salons knocking down your door in no time!

  • Enjoy a flexible career and lifestyle

Enjoy a flexible career and lifestyle 
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One of the best perks of spray tanning is having a schedule with no conflicts. When you’re certified, you get to pick how you want to use your new skills. Many techs opt to rent a suite at a salon and fill open slots around their availability.

Others go mobile, bringing the tanning party to their client’s homes or events. Or you could go all-in and open your own tanning studio. However you make it work, you’re in charge of your hours and bookings.

Statistics show that 34.3% of workers in the U.S. said being able to work on flexible schedules is much more important and liberating than working remotely or in an office. So, if you’re one of these workers craving a flexible career or lifestyle, then getting a spray tan certification might be your way to achieving that work/life balance. For beauty lovers who value self-care and their personal well-being, spray tanning is the dream career.

  • Be part of an industry with staying power

Be part of an industry with staying power
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It’s easy to get certified in some trendy service, only to see demand dry up in the long run. But spray tanning isn’t going anywhere – it’s a beauty must-have with some serious staying power. Even with advances in self-tanners, nothing beats customized, pro spray tans for natural-looking, flawless results. And as skin cancer risks keep rising, spray tanning offers a safe alternative to risky UV tanning.

While technology keeps improving, the desire for believable bronzing without sun damage is never going away. Pretty soon, a yearly spray tan will be as common as a yearly dental cleaning! When you’re in this field, you can count on demand year after year.

  • Enjoy job security and stability

Unlike some industries, spray tanning offers incredible stability for your career. With low startup costs, you don’t need fancy investors or loans to succeed. You make the rules for your schedule, clientele, everything. Compare that to a commission sales job or corporate 9-5, where you can get canned anytime.

When you build your own spray tan business, you create real long-term security that can’t be taken away. That means you can focus on growing your empire, not worrying about cutbacks. So, if you want career security, getting a spray tan certification can be your first step.

  • Boost your earning potential

Earning potential is important when picking a career path. Here’s good news because: spray tanning offers serious cash flow once you’re certified. Most spray techs book 5-10 appointments a day at USD$50 to USD$75 per session. You can open your own cute tanning studio and hire other techs to expand your clientele.

And you can easily supplement your spray income with other services like body waxing, facials, and nails – the sky’s the limit! With smart hustle, you can build a 5- or even 6-figure business in just a few years, especially with the low overhead and product costs.

  • Help people look and feel their best

Help people look better with Spray Tan
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The spray tanning world is full of support and good vibes. When you get certified, you join a tribe of passionate professionals who strive to help their clients achieve the bronze, flawless glow they want.

You get to spend quality time chatting with clients about their skin type, trouble spots, and goals – then work your magic. Your artistic skills literally bring happiness and satisfaction to others. So, if helping people look and feel gorgeous sounds fulfilling for you, a spray tanning certification may be for you.

  • Become part of a close community

Unlike other industries that highlight competitiveness, the spray tanning industry is about supporting one another. After you earn your certification, you get the opportunity to work with other talented spray tanning pros who want you to thrive.

Your new colleagues will gladly share advice on tanning techniques, marketing, and everything else to help you win. You’ll constantly pick up new tricks from peers at conferences, classes, and meetups.

You may also form lasting friendships and partnerships that enrich everything. If you crave connections along with career success, this sisterhood from the spray tanning community won’t let you down. They’ve got each other’s backs while climbing to the top – and you need to get in on this crew.

  • Open the door to exciting opportunities

Spray Tan for skin photo shoots
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Once you gain some spray tanning experience, exciting new doors will swing wide open. Many top techs get to travel for photo shoots, commercials, and celeb events. Or you could get tapped by big beauty brands to train salons on their new spray solutions. Some savvy tanning pros even create their own product lines or open franchised national salon chains. The opportunities are endless when you combine skill with drive.


In summary, there are so many compelling reasons to seek spray tanning certification right now. You’ll gain in-demand skills, enjoy a flexible career, and help people look their sun-kissed best. You can expect industry stability, job security, and outstanding earning potential over the long term.

And you’ll join a collaborative community with possibilities to take you further than you ever imagined. With minimal investment and full creative freedom, spray tanning makes starting your own business incredibly rewarding. The time to get certified is now – your perfectly bronzed future awaits.

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