Zendaya UK Vogue April 2024

American and British Vogue teaming up to share a cover star isn’t exactly out of the ordinary. After all, the titan fashion bible’s famously shared Adele back in November of 2021 (British Vogue ultimately winning the moment with a high-glam Steven Meisel-shot offering).

The latest to be spread across dual covers is Zendaya, who makes an appearance on both Anna Wintour’s American Vogue and Chioma Nnadi’s British Vogue (below) for May 2024 – on two very different covers. Nnadi, for her second issue as head of editorial content, enlisted Carlijn Jacobs to capture Zendaya’s second British Vogue cover, three years after her last. Dressed by Law Roach (because, who else?), the American actress jumps before Jacobs’ lens sporting a jacket and shorts from Adidas Originals by Wales Bonner and sneakers from the celebrated British designer’s namesake label (in addition to donning jewelry from Bulgari).


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

Oaklee91 immediately noted: “Coming from her American Vogue cover… this is quite a stark fall!”

“Awful. Zendaya’s pose, expression, the lighting, all the negative space, the ‘styling’… nothing works. It looks like an outtake, or a test shot while they were figuring the lighting out,” exclaimed WinstonH20.

“Christ. Imagine having Zendaya to play with and this is what you bring to the table,” shrieked an unforgiving honeycombchild.

Also far from impressed with the end result was Marc10: “Atrocious composition. The framing, the text placement, the art direction… a competent editor would never run a cover like this.”

“The cover is atrocious. We are in the dark ages of British Vogue, it seems,” voiced aracic.

Zorka described the cover as a “travesty” and we are not sure we could possibly disagree.

Check out more of Zendaya as British Vogue‘s May 2024 cover star and share your own thoughts on who won the battle of the transatlantic covers, here.

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